Small Goals, Big Rewards!

I am so proud of these two.

At a recent assembly at their school, they were taught about an amazing young man named Terry Fox, who ran across Canada for cancer research – on one leg! They were so animated as they told me about this (already well known to me) story. They wanted to do something to help, and they excitedly told me about their school’s Terry Fox Run, where they could run to earn money, just like Terry Fox.

Of course I want to encourage them! We discussed what goal they would like to set, and they came up with $100. I was a little nervous. That seemed like a lot. They vowed they would work together. For Family Home Evening, we went canvasing around the neighborhood – we got some small donations, but they weren’t getting enough to reach their goal. But, they were still excited!

I told them I would try to help by posting about it on my blog. So, here I am! If you want to help, you can donate by clicking here:

I want their goals to come to fruition. And I also know that sometimes, to reach our goals, we need help from others. I just KNOW they can make it. Even small donations will make a BIG difference. I can just imagine their faces if they reach their goal!!

No pressure – I know there are SO many great causes out there to support, and that money is tight for everyone. BUT, I know that I can’t get help if I don’t ask, right? 🙂 So, I’m throwing it out there. $2? $5? $10? Whatever you can. They can make it, with your help, I know it! Thanks everyone!!!


If you want to know more about Terry Fox and the Terry Fox Foundation, click here:

2 thoughts on “Small Goals, Big Rewards!

  1. WOW! What amazing young ladies you are raising! I am deeply touched that they have taken up this cause!

    I am a mom to a little girl who was dx with cancer just before her 4th birthday. I've seen first hand this disease and am so excited to see fundraising efforts for pediatric cancers.

    Please let them know how amazing they are!

    (P.S. – Did they know that in the US, September is Childhood Cancer awareness month? And the color is GOLD!)

    Here is my daughter's caringbridge site too:


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