Gettin’ ‘er done!

First, a couple of simple pages. These first two came together SO fast. I just love the color blocking technique.

The one block on this page seemed too plain, so I just added some ribbons stapled along the edge. I think it was what it needed.

I also did a non-vacation page, about when I put together pioneer costumes for my kids for the Stake Pioneer picnic.


The mix and match title came from the idea that I threw things together from around the house to make those costumes. I even bought the fabric for the bonnets from a thrift store. I like how it came together.

And these stamps from Tim Holtz just set off the journaling blocl. They are my FAV stamps right now. LOVE THEM! You can buy them at Michaels and use a coupon to get a discount (gotta love that).

Tuesday evening was spent over at the Leg building having a picnic supper and looking around before my photo shoot.

Watching the geese on the lake. Laughing at the hilarious dance they would do with their long necks.

Checking out all the bumble bees gathering pollen from the (amazingly) still blooming flowers.

Finding some fun spots to take some pics (this one was discovered by TJ).

And finally, photographing some adorable 3 year old twins and their 7month old baby sister!

…and their gorgeous parents 🙂

Who can get enough of this little sweetheart? I mean, really… look at her! So cute.

One with a vintage finish.

Big sister was such a little model – always willing to pose. And just look at those enormous eyes!

And big brother was full of personality. Funny, all three of them have different eye colors! Meet Mr. Blue eyes!

As for me – things have been getting busy. Everyone wants to get their portraits done before the weather becomes too cold. And who can blame wanting to get photos during Autumn – one of my four favorite seasons!?

But, Hubby is back in school and busier than ever. I feel for the guy. Working so hard at his job, his calling, and his difficult school assignments. Can you believe he was up until 3:30am working on his case study? That’s commitment!

It also means that I’m taking up more of the slack here at home. I know, poor me, right? Single moms have it much worse, I know. But still, for ME it’s a challenge. I miss my family a lot right now. A lot. A LOT lot. I miss having somewhere to go, and laugh, and visit on a Sunday afternoon. I miss those impromptu visits from my sister on a lonely weekday. I miss having someone to watch the kids (for free) so I can have some alone time with the hubby. I miss seeing their familiar, loving faces at church or Stake Conference, or other church activities.

I knew I would miss them – but I thought I’d be over it by now, actually.

Everyone has their challenges, we all know that. If everyone laid their troubles on the table, we’d grab ours and run. Isn’t that how it goes? I’m grateful for the trials *I* have – how things could be so much harder. So, I say my “grateful” prayers and keep plugging along 🙂

Back to schedules, back to life, back to reality. If Autumn as really arrived, why does it still feel like summer outside? Maybe my brain and body are just protesting the inevitable! LOL! I think I’ll give myself a boost with a homemade pumpkin spice hot chocolate. Yeah, that sounds like the right medicine right now!

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