Firsts, Foul Fellows, Fairs, and Fabulous Fabric Finds!

How is that title for ya? Yeah, I even broke out the thesaurus for it. Seriously. Let’s begin with firsts. JJ, my youngest, started pre-kindergarten.

My youngest… in school. Part days. No biggie, right? Why is my heart pounding and my stomach churning.?  She’s my baby, that’s why.

She was completely ready for this.

I wasn’t.

I dropped her off, went into the classroom with her. She walked away without looking back. I felt just a tiny piece of my heart  break off and shatter. Just a small one.

One thing did help…. a little…

She looked up at me and said “Don’t go, yet, mommy.”

 I’m glad she is independant, but I’m also glad she still needs her mommy!

In other news, while we were gardening, our girls shrieked with joy when they found these little sweethearts:

And this cutie pie:


Fear Factor? Puhlease, our girls would whip them all 🙂 Thankfully they did manage to wash their hands VERY well after playing with their new friends, and BEFORE they ate some of our delicious garden carrots!

On Saturday, we enjoyed our AMAZING Stake Preparedness Fair! This event was months in planning and was well put together. I came away with information about sprouting, canning, gardening, water purification, dehydrating, first aide, menu planning, long and short term food storage, dry pack canning, 72 hour kits, car kits, organic foods, no-power activities, etc.

The media was there to cover the event – the newspaper and 2 TVstations.

Outside there were 2 firetrucks, St. John’s ambulance vans, and even Smokey the Bear made an appearance!

The turn out was fantastic, with many members of the community coming to enjoy the fair.

We loved it – and I was so sad my hubby wasn’t there to enjoy the fair with us (he was in school all day). I hope they repeat the fair next year!

And finally, my fabulous finds. A good (and increibly talented) friend finally gave in to our constant demands and opened up an etsy shop called “SWEET LIMES” and she is selling some of her sweet creations. What did I get my hot little hands on? That would be these adorable fabric quilted cards.I love them. LOVE them! They are so beautiful and well made. The best part is they are perfect for any occasion.

Don’t worry, she has another set of cards for sale (different colors) and some other cute projects. I hope you’ll check her out and support her etsy shop! She’s one in a million!

What has been YOUR fabulous etsy find???

5 thoughts on “Firsts, Foul Fellows, Fairs, and Fabulous Fabric Finds!

  1. What!!??? When did your baby become SO big! Kindergarten? Already?? Sheesh!

    Oh those snails are SOooo gross! Your girls are tougher than a couple of my boys. LOL!

    That preparedness fair looks amazing!! I have been wanting to do one like that for our stake for two years now…I just need to get the support for one. Everyone wants one…..but no one wants (or has the time) to help put one together. *sigh* I will keep trying. My hats off to all those in your stake who did this. The more prepared we are around the world in our own little corners of the world, the better off we all will be.


  2. I missed our Stake Fair— Oops! Yours looks like it had a great turn out though! I can't believe you didn't get a picture of Smokey the Bear. Your little gal-pal is so cute! I hope she loves school!


  3. my fave 'etsy' is Hazel Zippy Clippies. She does really cute hair accessories for baby girls. So cute I never thought I'd be that kind of mom but her's work well with Ainsley. Though now she won't let me put anything near her head!
    Korben starts Kindergarten next year, please join us in our prayers to find the right fit for him. I have to start looking now, registrations starts in January


  4. Hey there. Kindergarten – so sweet…

    I love Etsy! Check out KristensKrafts for great deals on glass pendant kits for making necklaces or magnets. Check out highoncraft for beautiful fairy artwork and other fun crafts.


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