We Made It!

It’s been almost a week since the move, but we are here and *almost* all settled in. We got the internet hooked up yesterday and I’m working on getting some pictures up (when we are box-free at least). The move went surprisingly smooth – though we ended up having to have a 26 foot truck and two smaller trailers just carry all of the “stuff” we’ve amassed in the past 9 years! I’m tellin’ ya – I don’t want to move again for a long, long, long time.

I was most worried about how the kids would take to the long trip (especially my one year old) but they were amazing! Since we had to leave later in the day than originally planned, they ended up sleeping for half of the trip. The roads were fine, though it was a little scary when we passed a U-Haul truck in the ditch (yikes). We arrived safe and sound about 9 hours later at our friend’s house, who were out of town but left the door unlocked (joys of living in a small town). She left us some stew cooking in the crockpot and some fresh made bread, which was delicious! We slept great (including my father-in-law and a new member of his ward who drove the U-Haul truck for us) then headed into town to move into our new house! Remember, this would be the first time I would lay eyes on the house that my husband picked out the week before. I’m telling you, from the time we sold our house, to the time we bought and moved into our new house was less than 2 weeks. When we sold our old place, my husband immediately drove out to our new city (about a 7 hour drive in a car – nine hours in a U-haul) and began looking for a house. He spent three days there with a realtor looking at house after house – and literally at the eleventh hour he found the place we now call home. He made an offer that night (about 11pm- see, the 11th hour?) and they accepted! We signed the papers, then spent the next week getting our financing in order. I know without a doubt that the Lord’s hand was in this. You see, a day after we signed the papers, the owners of the new house were offered more money for their house. So, if anything happened with the financing on our end, the house would be gone. Thankfully, the Lord blessed us with people like Adam – the realtor we worked with in our new city, and Richard – the Mortgage broker back in Alberta (both members of the Church, actually) who made things happen in record time.

Long story long – we made it here, and I love it! We’ve got a nice big yard with a large deck out back – a nice front porch, and drive way in the front. The rooms are all HUGE and I’m almost having trouble filling them (almost). I’ll post some pics when we get a little more settled in. So, I’m off to finish unpacking, and I’ll check in later!

4 thoughts on “We Made It!

  1. I have been thinking of you all! Glad to hear all went smoothly and you all made it there safely, I can’t believe it’s been almost a week now. How is it there? Cold? That’s OK it’s been cold here too!Are you getting ready for Xmas?Can’t wait to see pics.Are the girls in school yet?Michelle N.


  2. I’m so happy to have you back on the blogger! I have been looking forward to hearing about your new house and seeing pictures. I’m gald that you got there safe and that things have gone so smooth. Were you able to get the girls registered for school right away? It’s nice to have such wonderful friends to help out.


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