A few pictures~

We are *almost* completely unpacked now – anyone who knows me well KNOWS how much it bothers me that it’s taken a week to get settled in. In the past, I’ve been able to get every box unpacked, every picture on the wall in less than 2 days! But, since I’ve got four kids now things have been taking a while longer 🙂 Here are a couple of pictures of the livingroom, the upstairs bathroom, and the master bedroom. I think the livingroom is 100% finished now – but in the second photo you’ll notice some boxes still in the front entryway – those are boxes of Christmas decorations, which we’ll put up either today or tomorrow. The upstairs bathroom is also finished. I added a photo of a fun tray set up I put in the corner on the countertop. I LOVE it. The masterbedroom is missing a circle mirror that I want to put up over the head of the bed, and I’m going to buy some wooden letters that spell “family” to paint black and put over the gallery of photos on the wall. For some reason these photos make the master bedroom look smaller than it is. It is H.U.G.E.! Our bed is a queen, and the dresser in the photo is HUGE as well. There are two closets (YAY) and there is a huge armoir behind where I was standing (which made it harder to get back far enough). ANyway, you get the idea! I’ll post more photos as I think to take them!
We attended the ward Christmas party yesterday and had a great time. The ward members here are so friendly and welcoming. They loved me enough to ask me to bake 20 potatoes for the party (tee hee hee) which I was happy to do 🙂 I was just called as the Enrichment Leader as well – which I have a *little* experience with 😉 I think I’ll be hopping over to Heather D. White’s site for some inspiration, as well as the The Idea Door which was a lot of help in the past as well. I absolutely LOVE our Relief Society president and the Enrichment counselor is a young mom I am going to LOVE working with. She reminds of Charlize Theron (her looks) only a brunette version, and she seems very excited about getting the program to where it should be in her ward. What are your favorite Enrichment activities? I’d love to have your input! Also, how have you been inspired to organize activities in your wards?? I want to hear from you!

5 thoughts on “A few pictures~

  1. I love it, love it, love it! It looks like you have been living there for years! What a great house you got there, it looks beautiful. As for the new calling, knock em dead…you are going to be great at it and they will just wonder how they have been unable to live without you all these years.


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