Moods and Charity

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JJ has as many moods as a centipede has legs. And she can go from one mood the next in a nano second! All of these photo were taken in about a 5 minute span. These shots are only a fraction of the shots I got of her getting from one mood to the next 🙂 Have you ever heard of the little girl with the little curl…? Hmmmmm… she lives at my house. She is very lucky she is so cute – it’s saved her life a number of times (especially sitting in the pew during sacrament meeting with my four daughters while hubby “gets” to sit at the front because he’s in the bishopric, and she decides to throw a fit because I’m not putting the lipgloss on right).

I also LOVE the “kind” looks (insert eye roll) on people’s faces as I struggle with the kids, eventually taking JJ outside to “deal” with the situation. I think there are many more patient people in our ward than there are impatient people, but I think I notice the impatient ones far more 🙂 I made the comment during a lesson on reverence in Relief Society (well, I was in the presidency at the time, so I took the opportunity – ha!) to suggest that perhaps we should show more kindess and less criticism to mothers who are struggling to teach their children reverence during sacrament meeting.

First let me state that I am one of those mothers who advocates teaching your children to sit reverently during sacrament meeting. In fact, my kids don’t have toys, snacks, or anything except a notebook and pencil to keep them busy during sacrament meeting. If your child starts to fuss, and it’s obvious they aren’t calming down, you should take your child OUT of the chapel. I think it shows respect to the speaker and all of those trying to listen. Once out of the chapel, I tell them that their behaviour is not acceptable, and I march them right back in without their feet touching the foyer floor. That way they learn that they WILL be going back in the chapel, and that is where they belong. And I have to say that I think my children are quite well behaved in sacrament meeting (for being under 7 years old) However, at the same time we should show some understanding and yes, patience, to those mothers who are struggling. I have to admit that many Sunday’s it’s an overwhelming challenge to sit with four kids ages 7, 5, 3, and 1 by myself and keep them reverent for over an hour. It’s even hard for some adults to do! Thankfully, I’m NOT a single mother, and I’ve got my husband at the front where I can give him the “eye” and he knows I need help. He’s had to come down from the stand twice in the past 4 years and my kids know that it’s NOT a good thing! Ha ha! I really feel for those single moms who struggle with their kids, but they are THERE every Sunday. So, next time there is a mother struggling – whether it’s at church or at the grocery store, or wherever – let’s offer a hand of support instead of a sharp tongue (or uncharitable thoughts). I think it will make the world a better place 🙂

WOw – not sure where that came from! I think I started out by writing about my 1 year old’s mood swings. Maybe now I know where she gets them from 😀

4 thoughts on “Moods and Charity

  1. Agreed! But I have to admit that I am guilty of being the first to roll my eyes at some people who have no control over there kids. I know I shouldn’t and that I should know better, but I am guilty of prejudging. I will try harder to just be more loving! Becuase you are totally right!


  2. amen! and the foyer is not for running around in. I think I should make a sign for it in our ward! one time when Maggie was a baby she started bawling during a prayer, and the prayer went on and on, and I didn’t take her out because it was during the prayer, but now I know, I should have. I just kept thinking ‘say amen, already’. crazy kids.


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