DIY UV Gel Nails at HOME!

I’m a black sheep of sorts.

All of the women in my family are amazing about having their nails looking fabulous. Me? Not so much.

And – I have four daughters.

As you can imagine, I do my best with doing their nails, but it’s usually hack job.

I try.

I had no idea you could actually purchase a nail lamp to do nails at home. I was OH so wrong and let me tell you, I’ve been missing out. Check out this baby:

MelodySusie 2016 (1)

This is the Melody Susie – an at home UV/LED Nail Lamp designed by a professional beauty product design company. As in – this company is known for supplying professional salons with nail lamps, around the globe, however, they have seen a clear trend of home manicure in recent years. Very few brands in the current market can achieve this: either not easy enough to operate, less professional manicure quality, large size, or too expensive. To meet the unmet demand, they spent 5 years in research and development to upgrade their salon nail lamp to one that is ideal for both salon and individual users, the Pro48W UV/LED Nail Lamp. MelodySusie 2016 (2)

It is a new lamp generation that cures professionally and quickly. At the same time, it is easy to use, portable, and affordable which is ideal for home users. MelodySusie 2016 (3)MelodySusie 2016 (4)

MelodySusie 2016 (6)

They also made 1-Step Gels to match closely with the lamp for the best manicure results. As my 16 year old daughter said – all of the colors are awesome!MelodySusie 2016 (5)

Here are some details about this nifty machine:

–          Broad application: cures most kinds of gels (UV and LED)

–          Strong and quick curing: 30 seconds with LED and 2 minutes with UV

–          Easy to use: automatic sensor for easy turning on/off; compact and portable size

–          Complementary 1-step gels: specifically made to work with the lamp for the best manicure results; 3-in-1; easy to apply and remove within 10 minutes

All of that sounded great – but I was ready to take this baby for a test drive. Luckily, I have one or two (or FOUR) daughters hanging around that were anxious to get the salon treatment at home. The only trouble was – choosing a color!

MelodySusie 2016 (7)

Problem easily solved – use all of the colors!

MelodySusie 2016 (9)

The colors went on so much more smoothly than I expected. They don’t skimp on quality, for sure. I loved that.

I was a little worried that I wouldn’t know how to work the machine  – but it’s honestly as easy as turning it on and selecting a time. It (magically) senses when you put your hand inside (way cool!) and turns on for the length of time you select, then shuts off! But, get this – it automatically turns on the next time you put your hand in. SO nice to not have to re-set everything each time. I mean, once you unplug and turn it off, it’s off- but it kind of goes into a “sleep” mode. I love that!MelodySusie 2016 (8)

So, it took less than a minute and it shut off – I was so nervous to touch the nails to see if they were actually dry. I mean, they looked so good! (Even though it was ME who painted them.)MelodySusie 2016 (10)

I was amazed!! DRY!!

MelodySusie 2016 (11)

This thing is going to be life changing. No lie.

MelodySusie 2016 (12)

It wasn’t long before my eldest daughter saw how awesome the nails were and insisted on going next – she chose this gorgeous seafoam color (her favorite!)MelodySusie 2016 (13)


MelodySusie 2016 (15)

My verdict? Love it – totally. The bottom of the machine is attached with a magnet so it can pop off and your foot can go under the lights for a pedicure! Works great, but I hate showing my feet. You’ll just have to use your imagination 😉


*For more information about the products, please visit or MelodySusie New Product Release.

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