The Lord Blesses Those Who Want To Improve – Free 4X6 Printable!

Recently I have been learning something new – I have always wanted to learn surface pattern design, and so I took the leap and have been taking a class over at Creative Live. I have a very long way to go, but I am so excited about what I’ve been learning so far.

To celebrate, I created this printable using a floral pattern that I designed from scratch! Yeah, it’s nothing spectacular, but it’s such a huge achievement for me! I hope this is the beginning of something wonderful 🙂

4x6 cream floral

Click on the image to download your free 4X6 digital copy of the printable.

I believe whole heartedly in this concept – I have seen it at work in my life. It all begins with the simple desire to improve, and then the door opens for the Lord to really bless us with success.

*This printable is free for personal use only.

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