August Take 12 – A Summer Sunday!

What does a family of six do on the Sabbath day? We go for a beautiful walk at a local garden – especially if that garden is as beautiful as the Queen Elizabeth II gardens here in the city. They are located right in front of the Legislative building and they are extraordinarily beautiful. They recently completed renovations with new paved pathways and flower arrangements. We loved it. It made it SUPER easy to take 12 photos on the 12th!
If you struggle with documenting your every day life, then why not give the TAKE 12 Challenge a try? Anyone can take 12 photos once a month. Really and truly. Then you can create a layout (I used the Ella Publishing Take 12 kit to create this one) or just pop those photos into a photo album with a 4X6 blank card with something written about those photos also popped in there. You will love looking back at these “slice of life” pages in your photo albums and you will soon have an amazing record of your year! Check out more inspiration and details on how to get involved in sharing YOUR photos on Ella Publishing, and upload your photos and layout to the Take 12 Flickr Group!


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