Free Friday! "Where You Are Willing To Go" 4X6 Free Printable

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you enjoyed your week and are ready for a wonderful weekend! I have been crazy busy with photoshoots, work, spending some quality time with the kids, and church responsibilities, but I did manage to take some time to create a new printable for all of you! I really love this quote because it reminds me that where I am willing to go counts for much more than where I have been in my life. It buoys me up and gives me the courage to try, try, try and never give up! I hope you enjoy this little bit of encouragement and use it as a reminder to not dwell on the mistakes of the past, but to look forward to a bright future!
As always, this printable is for personal use only. I have created this printable for free for the followers of my blog. If you aren’t following “It Works For Bobbi”, yet – take a second (literally – a second) and click “follow” over there to the right. Good? Thanks! Also, I would love for you to leave a quick comment to know that you have downloaded it and will be using it. That’s all! It only takes a minute and it’s nice to know whether my time and efforts are being appreciated. I hope that makes sense.


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