December Take 12!

I can hardly believe it. When I applied to be one of the 2012 Ella Publishing Friends, I could have never anticipated what a ride I was in for! It has been a year of learning, inspiration, documenting life, and a whole lot of FUN! Seriously, it has been such a great experience. It is hard to imagine the fun coming to an end, but life moves on! I can’t wait to see what the new year has in store for Ella Publishing in 2013, especially now that they have joined up with Big Picture Classes. What a venture! So excited for them
Seeing as it is December, that means that it is also my last “Take 12” for the year, too! This was a very special “12th” as it was 12/12/12! This only happens once every 100 years, so it was definitely a day worth documenting! I spent much of the day following along with Stacy Julian and her team via UStream while they shared how to create a yearbook in one day! It was so inspiring and I love the amazing album that I nearly completed on that day. So many memories were documented in so quick a time. I’m thrilled with it! Also, at 12:00pm, I met the kids at their school and took some photos at 12:12 on 12/12/12! It was so fun to share that historic moment together. Here is the layout I completed – my last TAKE TWELVE!
Here is to another year of growth and change. I’m looking forward to a new year full of even more!

Take 12 – November

The only thing better than a SNOW DAY is the FIRST snow day – especially when it is also a day off for Daddy and we get to spend it together! Such was this “12th” and we enjoyed every minute. We slept in, played in the snow, went sledding, visited the local museum, and ended the day with a fabulous Family Home Evening complete with making caramel popcorn and watching old home movies. Bonding time X 100! A perfect, precious day.
I can hardly believe that there is only one more month in the “Take 12” challenge! This year has flown by. I cherish my “twelve photos on the 12th” and the genuine slice-of-life look they give me of my life this past year. The kids have grown and so have I. I plan to continue this from now on, and I hope you’ll join in, too. If taking a photo-a-day for a year is too daunting, this is the perfect solution. Mark the 12th of each month on your calendar and commit to taking 12 photos that day. You will love the variety of memories you are capturing and when you look back on them, you will appreciate the record you have kept. LOVE IT! Get all the details, along with the fabulous “Guided Inspiration Kit” to make it even easier at Ella Publishing!


October Take 12!

This month I went with the “take-12-photos-of-one-moment” method. It has been my first! I remember how it felt to gather an armful of crispy, autumn leaves and toss them in the air with wild abandon only to watch them fall all around (and on top of) me. The idea of the bugs, dirt, and other overall gross-ness of what might be those leaves never occurred to me 🙂 And if you can enjoy those Fall moments with your sister and best bud? Perfection!
Have you taken the “Take 12” challenge? You can start ANY month, and simply take 12 photos on the 12th of every month. Before you know it, you will have a wonderful dissection of what you life is like. The 12th of the month lands on different days of the week, so you get a real “slice of life” look at your past year. I love it, and it is totally do-able – for anyone! 
Find out more about take 12 and get inspired by others who have taken on the challenge, on the Ella Publishing blog!