Ask me!

Okay, I’m opening up the floor to you. What have you always wanted to ask me? We’re talking ANYTHING. I’m not promising I’ll answer 😉 but I’ll sure give it a shot! What do you want to know? Anything? Anything at all? Questions about ME, about photography,  about Photoshop? Anything? Can you tell I’m desperate for post ideas? lol!

You can post a question, or shoot me an email, and I’ll be happy to *try* to answer whatever questions you have!

13 thoughts on “Ask me!

  1. Trying to search your blog for info about what camera you use for your amazing pics…..clicking on the photography button doesn't work =(
    Also any suggestions on a camera for taking family pics and action shots?

    Thanks! Love you creativity and inspiration!


  2. Do you need photoshop to do digital scrapbooking? Say that I wanted to do digital scrapbooking… what's the first step for someone that has no idea?
    Do you really truly love the city you live in?
    How do you find time to do it all (all that you do)?
    What's this FHE box?
    Would you ever home school?
    Favorite store to buy clothes?
    And of course we need a very personal one in there too- any more children? (jk- you don't need to answer that one).


  3. How do you stay chipper and upbeat all the time????
    Will you ever move back to Calgary?
    How's your Mom and Dad?
    And tell them I said hello please.. kk 🙂


  4. How did you decide it was time to start a business? What tips could you give to someone trying to make the leap from 'casual' photographer for friends and family to business owner?



  5. That age old 'printing certain sizes' question. Some say you have to crop to a specific size but what if I like the crop the way it is??? I was also told I would have to save for each size…. that could mean 2 or 3 saves for particular photos….. i'm so confused…. personally I should be able to crop the photo to the 2:3 or whatever dimension and I should be able to get 4×6, 5×7, etc.. prints from that without it 'cutting' some of the picture. Am I making sense????? ooohhhh I'm sooooo confused.


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