Have you noticed my new (and hopefully improved) blog background? I designed it in photoshop using some fun stamps and digi papers from my FAVORITE online scrapbooking/paper crafting/digi creating website: HOUSEOF3!

I also updated my Project 365 blog (my photo-a-day in 2009). Okay, so it’s updated until August 31. Better than nothing, right? I do have a photo for every day, but finding the time to upload and comment on each one… more challenging. Anyway, if you’re interested in knowing juicy details about my exciting life, you’ll have to read my diary. If you’re content with the mundane? Check this out:

Had a wonderful Stake Conference with Elder Gibbons of the Seventy here to teach us. Amazing. I came away with a renewed resolve to do better and be better. I love every second of it.

How is your fall going? We spent this Saturday getting rid of tonnes of clutter. Most people who know me well, or have been to my house, believe that I don’t have clutter. Well, those people have never looked into my storage rooms or my hall closets. We removed tonnes of things that were just junking up our lives, reorganized everything, and took loads to the recycling bins and Value Village. NO trips to the dump – something we’re pleased about.

We also did a sweep of our movies. We don’t want to have anything in our home that offends the Spirit – even for one “small” scene or one offensive word. It felt SO invigorating to clean that out of our lives as well (actually we were pleased to see that we didn’t have to remove very many!) Now we are strictly a PG or G family (unless I somehow missed one – don’t be judging me!)

There is something light and airy about getting rid of any junk in our lives. Do you ever feel that way? It’s a great way to jump into Fall. It’s nice to take those opportunities to refresh, renew, and review. Recommit. I guess you could say that I’VE been updated!

6 thoughts on “Updated!

  1. I have the same feeling. Frieso got more projects done so that cleared out a lot of stuff from the basement, and we returned some stuff to Ikea that we didn't need now that we've FINALLY got the bathroom done and realized they gave us A LOT of extra fittings. Almost $200 YES!
    Another big invader in my living room was all the boxes full of flyers and bags for the food drive, it was so nice to come home from church yesterday knowing that was done with as well!


  2. It is going to take me weeks to purge all of the stuff that I have and do not need or do not use any more. Like you, people think my house is very clean. I tell them not to look in my cabinets or closets. 🙂



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