Wow- what a past week! Oh, wait – it’s still not over. This is where I insert my title, grooooan. The stomach flu has officially made his appearance at our house, and it’s first date was with my 1 year old. Wake up Wednesday morning to a baby covered in vomit. Funny, because my 3 year old had awoke in the middle of the night from a bad dream, and I distinctly remember thinking “Well, at least she didn’t wake up puking!”. Cue the baby’s entrance. Yuck! But, it’s okay – throw the laundry in the wash, disinfect a bit, air out the room – all’s rosy! She was happy as a clam all day. No problems!

Later that night, my 6 year old (officially 6 +1day) vomits all over her carpet. The same carpet we shampooed about 2 weeks ago. Nice. Off comes the bedding (which, I guess, acted as a splash guard from 4 feet away) and into the wash. More puking that night, more fun. I didn’t sleep either – suffering from extreme aches and pains from actually working out 😛

6 year old wakes up this morning – feeling better, but not well enough for school. Still has a slight fever and is sitting quietly – SURE sign she is not herself. But worst is over, right? You guessed it – baby comes out of her room covered NOT in puke, but in a nice shade of brown from the severe diarrhea! Seriously runny stuff, which was happy to also RUN all over her freshly washed bedding. Back in the machine it goes! (Thank heavens for washing machines – can you imagine going through all of this, and washing it all by hand?) Wasn’t long before 6 year old is puking again, but I’m used to it by now.

Time to take 7 year old to school. Van won’t start. Nice. Okay, it’s time for daddy to bundle up and walk her to school (about 10-15 minute walk in freezing temperatures with a biting wind). They’re troopers, it’s all good. Daddy comes home, we both work out and Daddy’s friend comes over for a meeting (Daddy is on his way to getting prestigious position with largest business development agency in the Province). We eat delicious lunch – even 6 year old who claims to be feeling better. Within the hour, the 6 year old pukes up all her lunch, then lays down for a nap. I get the baby to sleep, while the 3 year old plays happily. Daddy lays down for a nap, and about 3 hours later wakes up – you guessed it – vomiting. Okay, we’ve got no medicine for this in the house, the van is broken down, and it’s time to pick up my 7 year old from school. Time to bundle up! Walk to the school, pick up daughter, walk farther to a corner store to find some medicine, sold out, walk the long way home (either that, or tromp knee deep through the field – no thanks) and spend all night cleaning and making a delicious chicken soup that no one eats except me and the 7 year old. SIGH.

It’s bedtime now – I’ve got all 4 little ones bathed and ready for bed. Now 7 year old is complaining of a sick tummy. I send her to bed with a bowl – just in case. I’m also beginning to suffer from some mild aches and a burning sensation in my belly. Oh please, oh please – spare me the agony! SOMEONE needs to take care of the family!!!! Besides, I’ve got a birthday party to plan for Saturday! Oh the drama – can you feel it?

You know what the funny thing is – I’ve somehow still got a smile on my face! Wonder if that will change when I’m face down in the toilet….

3 thoughts on “Groooooaaan~!

  1. Oh Man! I wondered what happened to you all. You are SO excused from posting till all is well again. Sheesh! What next, eh?Hope you are ALL better soon. Here’s an idea. Ban everyone to their own rooms…..then you won’t be passing it around. LOL! That’s what I always wished I could do with a family this size.


  2. I agree with Lynn’s suggestion. We do that with Tanner but that’s easy because we just have one. Sorry to hear that you and your whole family have been sick. That’s no fun. Maybe Lyndon needs to give you all a blessing to recover quickly.


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