Fog, Photos, and Fun!

I just took some photos for some good friends of mine and I think you’ll agree – they are a GORGEOUS family! Unfortunately the day was an EXTREMELY foggy one, so the lighting was not the best – in fact, I found it very difficult to get enough light to get away without using my flash. I ended up bouncing a flash especially for the group shots, but they still turned out okay. If you want to know what fear feels like – it’s driving through this on icy roads at 100km/hour. YIKES!
We’ve know these guys since my hubby and I were kids. I grew up with the mom (best friends) and my hubby grew up with the dad (best friends). We were so completely excited when they ended up falling in love and marrying after we arranged a meeting between them. They were the ones who helped us to move to Saskatchewan and have been instrumental in making us feel so welcome and right at home. You can see more shots of them on my photography site HERE. We love them!

It felt so great to get the camera out again, and I’ll be more excited when the snow melts in the Spring and I can get outside for more shots. I find it harder to be creative when I’m constricted to four walls. I know – think outside the box, but my brain is still focused on getting settled, AND preparing for Christmas. No room for that bit of extra creativity right now. I also get to jump right in to being Enrichment leader now as well. What a way to get to know the sisters!

My daughter is turning 6 right after Christmas, so I made up these invites for her friends (which are pretty much limited to the above family and another girl in her Primary class). I completely lifted this idea from Becky Higgins and I love it. I really, really hope she has a great time – I’m so worried about her adjusting, but so far she seems very happy to be here. I think the kids are adjusting better than I am! I hope she has a fun, fun birthday!

3 thoughts on “Fog, Photos, and Fun!

  1. Love the new pics! Glad to see your getting back into the “swing” of things. I’m sure you must have alot to do with Christmas & all.Love the invites, they are sweet!Hope all is finding you


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