My Birthday Wish! (I’m *ALMOST* old :)

Yes – it’s my birthday today. Can you hear the birthday music playing, or do the Christmas Carols drown it out? I’m 29 today. Getting older, but not quite OLD yet 😛 I’m not planning anything over the top, but I am going to be doing my favorite thing to do on my birthday, and that’s to spend time with my husband OUTSIDE the house. We will be going to see the new “National Treasure 2” movie, which I am SO excited about, and eating out at a nice Chinese restaraunt my hubby discovered with his pal Rob a few days ago. Other than that it’s going to be a quiet one, which sounds right up my alley right now.
I do have one birthday wish that I’m going to “borrow” from Kristi’s blog, and that is – to have everyone who visits to leave a comment! I want to meet all of you “lurkers” out there and to learn your names 🙂 I have some exciting blog candy I’ve been working on – of the digital variety – and it’s going to be super sweet because EVERYONE will get some! I guess that’s MY birthday gift to all of you! So stay tuned! And please make my birthday wish come true 😉

We’ve been so busy around here getting ready for Christmas right on the heels of moving. It’s been interesting… especially having my husband be HOME all day….everyday…day after day…. Don’t get me wrong – there are definite bonuses to having him home (honey, can you hang this picture here?) but I’m a woman who is used to having the house virtually to myself during the day. When he’s home it’s hard to stay in my routines. Not sure why that is, but I NEED my routines. Anyway, he’ll be getting back to work soon and I’ll love being able to MISS him 🙂

Take care everyone and I’ll be back to bloggin after Christmas! Look for the digital blog candy probably the first week of the new year! And remember – I’d LOVE to “meet” you, so leave a comment!

27 thoughts on “My Birthday Wish! (I’m *ALMOST* old :)

  1. Happy Birthday! I am a “lurker” who found your blog through the fabulous Joanne and so glad! I quite enjoy reading your blog. Love your photography and your ideas….totally used the pirate costume at halloween, so easy! I LOVE easy! Hope you have an awesome day!


  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOBBBI JO!!!Another girl after my own heart. Celebrating her birthday among the tree, tinsel and other Christmas decor. : D Best time of year to celebrate a birthday.And remember… are only as old as you feel. I don’t think I will ever get old. The mirror tells me differently, but who cares what he thinks.


  3. Happy birthday Bobbi! Your digi and photoshop tutorials are great (although I have not had one moment to spare to try them out)! You’re such a trooper for having a “birthmas”…my DD’s birthday is December 1 and I still feel bad!


  4. Happy Birthday, Bobbi! I followed a link over from Allison’s blog and hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration with your husband. My niece’s birthday is next Friday, so I’m sure she’ll feel your pain of being lost in the holiday shuffle as she grows older, though we’ll certainly try to make her birthdays special.


  5. my birthday was last Friday(payday!) but it was sorta sucky. I had to drive a plate to my daughter and get my DL renewed and new contacts. Always money going out. Then it snowed bad. So I hope the sun shone today for you and stay 29 forever. I am almost double that.


  6. Happy Birthday Bobbi! I’m a first time reader – Allison sent me:) I’ll have some reading to catch up on here I see, but wanted to say “hi” and wish you the happiest birthday of all! Make it a great one!!


  7. Happy birthday! My b-day is 12/24 and sometimes the birthday music does get drowned out this time of year but it’s also a special time to have a birthday. Wishing you and your family very merry holidays.


  8. Happy Birthday!!! I just found your blog this morning thru Alison’s blog saying to make your wish come true and post from the lurkers. snort! I am no lurker but . . . I have just added you to my google reader so I won’t miss a thing now. And now I am off to check out your blog! Have a GREAT birthday . . .btw, I am 29 again next month. snort !Kansmom


  9. Happy Birthday Bobbi! I am so happy that I found your blog. Your photos are simply BEAUTIFUL!! They bring such a feeling of joy. You have a new fan!! Hope you and hubby enjoy the movie! And have a fabulous Christmas with your family! :0)


  10. Happy Birthday Bobbi! I’m new to your blog but wanted to wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know what it’s like having a birthday so close to Christmas(mine is tomorrow the 22nd…lol). I’m so happy to have found you today!!! I’ll be back!Hope your birthday is extra special this year!


  11. Happy Birthday! thanks for your pictures and help these past few months! I was thinking that movie looked really good- and Chinese food- always good! have a great one!


  12. Happy Birthday!! If you’re *almost* old at 29 what does that make me at 34? 😉I just found your blog through PaperMonkey. Looking forward to visiting often. I want to become a digital scrapbooker – I don’t really like scrapbooking, I’m a cardmaker, but I think I could do it on the computer. Anyway – that’s what I hear you are good at – the digital stuff!


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