“Life Is Meant To Be Appreciated” Free Printable

Wow. What a weekend. For us Canadians, it was Thanksgiving AND it was the General Conference of our church (The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints).
 Conference is a time when we get to hear inspiring messages from our church leaders…for 8 hours (10 for the men, including the Priesthood Session).
Yes – 8 hours of church 🙂
There are 4 two-hour sessions over two days, and I love every second. This time my husband and I didn’t have a chance to watch every session as we were out of town visiting family and were trying to see and visit with as many people as we could. We did manage to catch the Sunday morning session, live, though. The great thing about having an 8-hour drive home, though, was the opportunity to watch the rest of the sessions and catch up on what was shared.
 Last evening, while sitting in a hotel room with a very ill husband and children, I heard one particular talk (or sermon) that spoke to me on a deep level. It was very inspiring and uplifting, and I know that I am no alone in feeling this way. I have seen and read many bloggers sharing this same message, and I feel to do the same. This message isn’t long, and will ring true for anyone -whether or not you consider yourself to be religious. This is a talk about how to live every day to the fullest and to find joy in the journey. I recommend (highly, highly) taking a quick listen to this amazing talk that has changed my outlook on how I plan to live my life.


I am grateful to have inspired leaders whose messages help me to live a better, more full and joyful life. I plan to avoid as many future regrets as possible by living my life after the pattern of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I have noticed, thus far, in my life that the times when I have been the happiest and most content, have been those times when I have been trying to live each day the way I feel the Lord would have me do – the days when I serve others, the days when I spend quality time with my loved ones, the days when I have devoted time to connect with my Heavenly Father. My goal is to continue on that path, to resolve to cherish those I love and cultivating treasured memories. Conference always makes me a better person!

Here is a simple printable of one of my favorite quotes from this talk, free for you to download, share, and enjoy! Let’s live our best lives and have no regrets!



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