Going to BOOT CAMP! {Giveaway}!

Ooooh, boy. I need a serious work out. A creative work out! My creativity has all gone to flab while I have been out enjoying the sunshine and lazy days. Now that the weather is beginning to turn and the idea of huddling indoors to do some crafting, I feel the urge to stretch my creative muscles and get back to work! 
Thank heavens for Big Picture Classes! Many of you might remember that they successfully whipped me into shape this time last year through their BOOT CAMP! I can’t tell you how much I loved it and how they helped me to get out of my creative rut. I am so excited to be participating once again this year. I really need it. I’m feeling so….blah…right now. I need to get up and get creating! They have some seriously great drill sergeants (I mean, instructors) who are experts in the field and and will have me at my creative best! So excited for this…Oh, and it starts on MONDAY!

Here is ALL of the info you need to join in: 

Boot Camp  lasts for 12 days and costs $40
Camp starts 10/15/2012
Ali Edwardson storytelling
Cathy Zielske on design
Tracey Clark on photography
Amy Powers on creative living
Report for duty! Get in top scrapbooking shape with help from four of our most popular instructors, who are also our 4Experts for 2013!
Our first-ever Big Picture Boot Camp is coming to a computer near you October 15-27. Featuring Ali Edwards on storytelling, Cathy Zielske on design, Tracey Clarkon photography, and Amy Powers on creative living, this online event will help you shape up in four key areas of creative expression.
Starting October 15, when you receive your daily “report for duty” email, you’ll simply log in to the classroom for 10-minute video followed by a 10-minute targeted exercise that’s guaranteed to:
        jumpstart your creativity
        exercise your memory keeping muscles
        give you a concrete starting point to get something done NOW
        inspire you with lasting skills and ideas you’ll want to apply over and over
This is your chance to get to know our 2013 4Experts in bite-sized chunks, in one classroom, for one low price. And this is an event that suitable for even the busiest crafters. We hope to see you in Boot Camp! (Combat boots optional.)
read rest of description and register here
New to Big Picture Classes? Learn more here
BPC was kind enough to offer one of my readers (i.e. YOU) a FREE SPOT in this year’s BOOT CAMP! 
Enter below for a chance to win.  A winner will be drawn on SUNDAY so you can register and get started on Monday (Oct. 15)!

Good luck!

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8 thoughts on “Going to BOOT CAMP! {Giveaway}!

  1. Bobbi, I would absolutely LOVE to win & take this class. I have also been in a rut. Life has just been crazy busy & I need some serious motivation!!


  2. Hey Bobbi, I love your blog! I refer to your tutorials frequently when editing pics and I love the wonderful ideas and tips you share. Thanks! Question – How do you send the highest quality image via e-mail? Some family are asking for photos that they want to print but I don't have time to mail them. Would it be better to post on facebook or some other site and they can copy the pic from there?


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