A First For Me!

I’m so excited to share some shots from a recent photo session that was a FIRST for me. I have only photographed animals a handful of times, so photographing this adorable couple and their three HUGE dogs had me on pins and needles. I was excited, nervous, and revisiting all of my “tried-and-true” techniques. I needn’t have worried, though, because the dogs were incredibly well behaved and this couple was so great to meet and photograph. I loved every second, and I discovered that I have a greater range than I expected! Yay for new discoveries!!
The dogs were so majestic and beautiful!
This was “S”‘s dog before she married “M”. Her dog is aging, so it was so important for her to get some shots with her.

They wanted a shot of their matching tattoos…another first for me!

I loved it – even with the crazy wind, the constantly changing light (cloudy, then bright and sunny, then cloudy again…nuts!), and the dogs. It was a great session!


4 thoughts on “A First For Me!

  1. Including pets in family photos is perfect. I think it really makes the family complete. My family is in the process of having photos taken and when one of our daughters showed up with her Golden Doodle, I wished I had brought my little dog Katie, a Havanese, and the Princess of our home. Luckily we have a second session to be scheduled as my youngest was in a college class and missed the first. Now we can bring Katie along too. My husband will be so happy as he just got out of the hospital today – cancer free! He will so love your photos with the dogs – great job! Sandy Meyers, Lodi CA


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