Free Friday – "What Your Values Are" 4X6 Printable Quote

Happy Friday, my friends! Did you have a good week? I sure did! It started with a wonderful visit from my big sister, for just a few short days, and ended with a couple of relaxing days catching up on work around the house. We all need those days, right?
This week I am sharing a printable with a quote that a friend of mine shared on Facebook. It was one of those quotes that just rang true from the first instant. Life decisions don’t have to be hard, especially when we know what our values are. I learned a long time ago to make decisions (and just make them once) based on my core values, then when I am confronted with day-to-day choices my mind had already been made up years ago. I don’t have to have that inner dialog, going back and forth over the pros and cons every time I am confronted with a choice. I already know the answer because I made it long ago, based on what my core values are! Done! For example, when I was offered a cigarette, it was easy to say “no thanks” because that decision had already been made long before once I knew I wanted to keep my body clean. It’s a simple concept and I believe in it!
Download Here
Enjoy your free download, and please leave a short comment if you download it (I like to hear from you!) and become a follower through GFC (over there on the right). It helps me to keep sharing when I know people are visiting and downloading. Have a great weekend, and I hope this helps make a few decisions just a little easier 🙂


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