How Do I Love Thee? Notebook!

I wanted a way to show my husband how much I truly love him in a way that will last, and be there when he most needs it. I decided I could create a notebook to write down something I love about him each night before bed. Then he can look through it whenever he needs a reminder of how much he is loved. It also gives me an excuse to remember just how blessed I am to have him as my eternal companion!
I mostly used printable pages from Houseof3’s Fall Junque Kit to make some divider type pages throughout that I’ll be adding photos to as I go.

This would make a great Father’s Day gift idea, as well as a birthday gift! I know it will benefit both of us 🙂 THIS was also a fun Christmas gift that he really loved.

What has been your favorite gift you’ve given your husband? I’m always looking for new and fun ideas!


3 thoughts on “How Do I Love Thee? Notebook!

  1. Hello! What a wonderful idea! This year for valentine's day I did a 14 Days of Love challenge for my hubby. Each day beginning on Feb 1st- Feb 14th, I made something for my hubby that showed him how much I love him! I have a lot of ideas and even some printables on my blog over at
    Just click on the 14 Days of Love tag in my label widget. Hope it helps!

    Our Life on a Marquee


  2. I *love* the idea of making a book like this for my husband. I have made scrapbooks for my husband as gifts but never a book like the one you have. What a great idea. Thanks Bobbbi.


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