Baby Book Download! Updated!

Back by popular demand! My Baby book pages for download! I had a download available quite a while ago, but with moving, and changing computers, etc..the files were lost. I get SO sad when that happens. Especially to a great project file like that one was.
BUT, like in all things, challenges are just opportunities in disguise, right?I decided to use the lost files as a chance to update them and create some new ones! Yes! So, now you can download the 6 sheets with 2 5X7 pages on each sheet. This makes creating a baby book for your loved one SO easy!


Now, the only catch for getting this free download is…you have to share your finished book! I want to see how YOU used this download! Fair? I also wouldn’t mind a comment or two to know that it’s being used. I don’t hate comments 🙂


8 thoughts on “Baby Book Download! Updated!

  1. I downloaded these & printed them on yellow card stock. I used an old story book that I covered with cloth, & glued these pages into. I added some other pages. I did a cover page with spaces for the baby's name, parent's names grandparents & siblings. I also added a page with a pocket for the first haircut. Then I filled the rest of the book pages with blank card stock for photo's. I signed my name & date on the back page so years from now it will be dated for family history (hopefully!) I am going to include a silver pen with it for the mom to write in it. It's not very professional looking, but I can do better next time! I'm sure no one else will get her one though! Thank you for the pages…I wouldn't have had the idea work as well without them.


  2. I'm going to make this for my DILove's cousin's baby shower.
    I think it's a wonderful idea.
    I'll leave a place for the blessing certificate and additional pictures.


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