Digital Brushes Rock!

Thanks to a cute little gal named Rhonna Farrer, I’ve fallen in love with digital brushes ALL over again. It’s like stamping, only you have MORE control and you can easily fix mistakes with a simple ‘undo’! The colors are limitless and you can choose any size you’d like! You can layer them, warp them, recolor them, the ideas are limitless!

I made a few cards in no time!

I used a phemomenal brush kit designed by Rhonna, which you can purchase HERE at House of 3. We’re talking over 100 brushes, and they are GORGEOUS!

I think what I love the most is how they are designed to work with each other to create works of art. The layers mix and match, and are OH so chic.

I can’t WAIT to play a little more. If you are new to digital brushes, stay tuned for a new tutorial coming on Tuesday where I’ll walk you through loading and using digital brushes. Until then, have fun playing!

3 thoughts on “Digital Brushes Rock!

  1. Wow! All of your cards came out beautiful! I am a huge brush fan. I have only used them on my digi pages, never to make a card. I have got to try and make cards now using my brushes. I am off to go and check out the link that you gave us. Thansk so much.



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