Fast Friends and Fabulous Spring!

What an amazing weekend! Sunday’s sessions were so amazing – I learned so much, had my butt kicked into gear from a couple of talks (for example, Elder Bednar’s) and certainly felt the love of the Lord through the words of his prophet and apostles. I was in tears by the end of the afternoon session. All you young (and not so young) mothers know what I mean 🙂 Such a wonderful conference! I will be listening to several of the talks again soon – I need to keep them fresh in my mind. It is so easy to become overwhelmed in the world today, and I need the sweet reminders I received this weekend to stay fresh in my mind. I won’t get into all the talks in this post, though. I think I probably over did it in the last one 🙂 Besides, I couldn’t begin to express my thoughts and feelings at this point.

Instead, I’ll share some photos from the past couple of days. Things are finally starting to warm up here, so we’ve been spending more time outdoors. I’ve been uber excited to be working in my garden (yes, I’ve got one!!!) weeding it a LOT and just generally cleaning it up to see what perennials I’ve got. There are a lot of beautiful plants in our garden and once it was cleaned up I was so impressed! I think I even found some Raspberry bushes and some strawberry plants are peeking through. We’ve got several different large and small bushes and plants – all nicely laid out in the garden, and I think I’ve noticed some tulips peeking up through the dirt. I can’t wait to post some pictures when things start coming to life. Our next big project is cleaning up the vegetable garden area. FRESH VEGGIES! Couldn’t be more excited about that! I’m going to take some of you suggestions from my previous post and plant some tomatoes, carrots, peas, and who knows what else. Can you tell how giddy I am?

Anyway, on Thursday I took the little ones on a wagon ride to meet the older gals at school. We love our covered wagon – found completely by accident at a yard sale last year, and it has been loved and cared for well since then 🙂 Finding it is a story all it’s own, but I’m certain that we were directed there since we set out to find a wagon with rubber wheels, a certain length and width, and we found it! How often do you actually find exactly what you are looking for when yard sale shopping? Maybe it happens more often than I know! LOL!

The kids played at the school park for a bit, though the wind kind of wreaked havoc on us! Oh, and notice the very weather-appropriate dress BB is wearing. She has not gone a single day in the past 3 weeks without wearing a skirt or dress of some kind. She is our 3 year old diva. *sigh* Why does it have to begin so young? I especially love how she accessorized with the sweet, sweet rubber boots. Don’t they just MAKE the outfit? This photo she is trying to convince JJ to go down the slide with her. Yeah. Right. She’s not having any of it…
And then we have me incarnate. My 7 year old is a little monkey, just like I was. I’ll post a photo of me at this age that is very similar to this one. It’s uncanny!
Speaking of TJ, I wasn’t surprised but happy to see the small crowd of cute gals hanging about with TJ, laughing, giggling, hanging on her every word. I guess I was never really worried about her making friends after the move, but it’s something that has been on the back of my mind. Seeing first hand that she has made this group of gal pals put any fears immediately to rest. They all walked together across the field towards our place, talking the entire way. I’m so relieved she made such fast friends. And what a cute group they are!

Friday I spent some time in the yard, but not as much time as BB spent. While JJ was napping, BB played in the yard for hours. I couldn’t resist snapping some shots when she took out the ol‘ polka dot umbrella AFTER it stopped drizzling outside. LOL! She can be such a doll. Can you believe that she found something to talk about…constantly….for over an hour straight as I dug in the garden? She kept me company by talking, and talking, and talking in her little 3 year old voice with her little 3 year old views….non-stop! I wish I had been wearing a tape recorder and just let it run the entire time. So funny what comes to her mind. I wish my mind worked as quickly as hers does! I’d make millions with my innovation. Oh, and please notice the skirt. She stole that one from her sister, B’s closet. I thought that wasn’t supposed to start until she was at LEAST 12 years old. Give me a break, girl! Hard to get upset when she is so darn cute 🙂

More exciting things happened this weekend, but I’ll save that for another post…I’ve got to give you a reason to come back! Stay tuned!

7 thoughts on “Fast Friends and Fabulous Spring!

  1. I too cried all the way through Elder Ballard’s talk while trying to take notes. In fact, they showed conference again tonight and I listened to his talk again. I loved it even more the second time (probably because I wasn’t taking notes!).Love all of the pics of your girls, glad it is warming up for you and you are enjoying the outdoors!


  2. I enjoyed Sunday more than saturday, though saturday was excellent, nothing could top sunday’s sessions right now for me. My opinion on the skirt/dress thing is that at least she’s got clothes on. She could be screaming and having tanturms becuase she wants to be naked. Tanner LOVES LOVES LOVES his rubber boots. I think because they are so easy to put on himself. I don’t let him wear them to church, but anywhere else, I’m okay with because in the eternal perspective, it’s better than not wearing any shoes on his feet…lol. I can’t wait to hear what else you have to share. I LOVE my garden too. We have raspberries and for that, I think we’ll never move. Lettuce is also a good one to grow if you like salads. Or spinach. And Matt loves potatoes so we plant those too. Carrots are also an easy one. We did tomatoes last year but we didn’t use them up fast enought so I felt kind of bad. I guess with just 3 of us, it’s a bit harder. It’s such a feeling of satisfaction to grow your own garden. Not to mention you are being obedient too. You’ll be blessed, I’m sure.


  3. Love the Conference talks! I am SO happy that President Monson is so funny and real just like President Hinckley was. I loved the way he tied his own life experiences into all the talks at the end. Just an AWESOME weekend. Maybe it’s because when the spirit brought the messages ” unto” my heart…..I like them “into” my heart. : DLove your pics of the girls! They look so happy with life.


  4. Conference was so amazing…I suppose each one is when we are ready to hear what needs to be said.Absolutely LOVE the last picture. The umbrella with the blue sky in the background and the look on the little ladies face. Too sweet.


  5. I wanna hear the story about the wagon…and I agree..loved the conference talks. I need to listen to them again though. It’s hard to get much out of them with a little boy tugging at my arm.🙂


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