Special Conference and Frames!

I’m feeling so renewed and refreshed after having watched (on my computer) the Saturday sessions of the 178th Annual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Did you have the opportunity to watch or listen to it? It was such an exciting experience to be able to stand and sustain Thomas S. Monson as the new prophet and president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, as well as his counselors, and the 12 Apostles, including a new apostle D. Todd Christofferson.

What a joyful burden they must bear 🙂 When I mentioned to my girls how special this conference will be because there have only 15 other times when new prophets have been sustained, and that there would be a new apostle called, T’s face lit up and she said excitedly (pointing to my hubby) “DADDY?!?!” Um…no. LOL! I explained how the Lord has many, many jobs for us to do for Him, and being an Apostle is just one of them. Daddy’s job is to serve on the high council right now, and that is important to Heavenly Father too. I hope I handled that right. I laughed inside at the GREAT compliment that was to my husband, for his daughter to expect HIM to be the new apostle 🙂 Wasn’t it so neat to STAND, by quorum and auxiliary to sustain our leaders? I was thinking what an amazing world it would be if our political governments were called the same way, and if as a people we could all stand and sustain them like we do our Church leaders. IT WOULD BE GREAT! No vying for position, no contentions, and we could be sure as a people that our leaders would bless our lives with their service. *Sigh* too bad that’s not reality right now.

I ALWAYS love Pres. Henry B. Eyring’s talks – so genuine, so gentle, and yet so strong. I love listening to him speak. He is a personal favorite of mine, though I’m sure we aren’t supposed to have favorites 🙂 I also loved Russel M. Nelson’s talk on OUR responsibilities in the family to work towards exaltation- thought it was very timely, and so important. I also LOVED Pres. Oaks talk on testimonies – I learned SO much from him and hope to implement his counsel as I go about my life. I am so, so grateful I was able to listen to these two sessions and can’t wait for tomorrow. Was anyone else very touched by Robert D. Hales’ talk on Jesus Christ? What a powerful witness he gave! The feeling was tangible – like something I could touch. Ooooh, and Gerald Lund’s talk on the Holy Ghost! Loved it – learned a lot there too, like when he talked about how the Holy Spirit communicates directly with our Spirits. I knew that, but maybe not completely “get it”, you know? And about the gates to our hearts?? LOVED IT! What a burden Elder Scott must have felt in addressing both victims of abuse and it’s perpetrators. Wow. He did it so beautifully, didn’t he? He did an amazing job.

Okay, okay – I loved them all. The Spirit testified to me that the things I was hearing were absolutely true. SO neat. It reaffirmed to me that these men and women certainly are special witnesses of Christ. What a privilege it is to listen to their words. I love it! Which talk stood out to you? I know it’s different for everyone.

Since no post is complete without photos – (at least on this blog. LOL!) I thought these were appropriate. I was asked if I would share the frames and mats for the Relief Society Declaration and “The Living Christ” – so here you go! Again, these are so easy! Tips: buy a double mat (where you can see a strip of color between your mat and the document, you know??). I just measure the width of the mat and trim the pictures to fit. Then I use double sided tape to adhere them around the frame. I works well to have landscaped oriented pictures for the top and bottom, and portrait oriented pictures for the sides. And if you are fussy like me, I placed the pictures with the Christ facing in towards the document. I did that on the first frame, but not on the second. I totally notice the difference, and it irks me. But, that’s me. I just used those pass along size cards you can buy at the Church bookstore, or order from Deseret Books online. Really, this project doesn’t take long and it looks so nice!

6 thoughts on “Special Conference and Frames!

  1. It’s a funny thing (in the most humble and good way) that EVERY single talk at every conference seems to be JUST for me! : D I absolutely loved every minute, as always. Beautiful framed mats by the way.


  2. I watched conference on the computer as well. It was a great session today.I can’t wait until tomorrow. I love your fames. We did that last year in Horizon ward (okay it wasn’t last year, but it feels like it to me. I LOVE them. So fun and a great way to mat the proclimations.


  3. I loved conferene too! I liked Elder Wirthlin’s talk… put your shoulder to the wheel and push along! That one was for me! They were all so good though, weren’t they?Love the frames, our ward made The Living Christ” one and I love it!Enjoy your Sunday!


  4. Conference was amzing. And yes– Richard Scott had such conviction in his talk and he did so well! That story of the girl who forgave her father and wanted him to forgive himself— WOW!!! For me. Oaks was proably my favorite talk for today. He taught me a lot about testimony too. And how I really need to be teaching my kids to measure there growth by that to and not just accomplishments. I loved it all too! So amazing! I really might need to do some of those frames of the proc for the fam for my wall. We haven’t had that up since ours got ruined from the move to Utah from RI. So maybe I’ll do it like that to replace my old one. I like it a lot!


  5. I haven’t had a chance to watch the any of the conf sessions yet. I’ll watch later when I am able to concentrate! With the time difference, the afternoon sessions are 9pm til 11pm here and I don’t want to be yawning through them. The morning sessions are 5pm til 7pm which just clashes with my little boys needing dinner, bath and bed!!Thank you so much for posting your pics of the frames you made! They are awesome!! Now I’m just going to have to make them myself!! I think the ‘Living Christ’ one would be perfect for a Christmas gift for family members. I’ve got enough time to get them done too 🙂 thanks 🙂


  6. I always love reading what you have to say about the Church. You have such a wisdom and way of expressing exactly how I feel. I appriciate you taking the time to share your testimony. So thank you. And those frames are adorable. Definitely see a project in my near future… too bad there aren’t any chuch bookstores nearby. 😦


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