Hometeacher visit

We had our hometeacher over tonight. Isn’t that just the most fun ever? I especially love the threatening talk with the kids before he arrives. The absolutely neccesary, you -WILL- lose -your -lives-if-you-misbehave talk that explains just how angry we will be if they:
1. head butt the hometeacher.
2. Grab the hometeacher in delicate places
3. Scream at your sister while the hometeacher is giving the message
4. Sass mommy and/or daddy in front of the hometeacher
5. Crawl on top of the hometeacher
6. dance/sing/or otherwise torture the hometeacher with your “talents”

Oh, the list goes on, but you get the idea. This happens every time. And every time they bat their long eyelashes and play innocent. “We’ll behave, Mommy” Then the doorbell rings. I’m not sure if it’s the magical tone of the bell, or piercing barks of our poodle, that transforms my sweet children into hideous beasts, but it happens like voodoo! I’m sure it is neither, it’s just that my children have figured out that as long as the hometeacher is here – they are safe! All I can do, as they sing, dance, crawl, grab, yell, and sass is shoot daggers at them from my eyes. Yes, I try to remain calm – “helping” my children to sit quietly on my lap, “kindly” asking them to quiet down and listen, apologizing to the hometeacher for the drool on his suit, the foot in his face, and the strange smell coming from my 5 year old. UGH!

Then the best question of all – “Is there anything I can do for you and your family?” Hmm.. let me think on that. Do you want to adopt 4 children? Maybe pay for boarding school. At least be my alibi for the murder that is about to take place.

Does this happen to everyone, or am I just lucky?? For some reason – our hometeacher keeps coming back! Go figure!

4 thoughts on “Hometeacher visit

  1. LOL!!! I had my visiting teachers stop by last night and I wish I would have had this talk with them before. It is really good to know there are other mom’s who feel it is important to put on a good show for the visiting/home teachers.


  2. You are so funny! I love your story. It’s one for the books for sure! I don’t have that problem with my home teachers but actually my visiting teachers. They are 90% garunteed to see Tanner half naked as he pulls down his pants to go to the bathroom in the living room or wanting to go and play. I guess it’s more importnat to be there together as a family for Home Teaching but Tanner usually is fairly good. Sometimes he plays quietly on the floor. I’ve learned that sometimes you have to let the young ones be occupied so that at least they sit in the same room and are focosed on something. The older ones to me should know better. I can attest to the amount of times we were holagans when we were younger and our home teachers came over. So even thought it’s frustrating now, they will grow out of it. Maybe they need to have a consequence after the H.T leaves. I know that worked for us. Maybe if you tell the girls what you expect of them (being positive as opposed to telling them what NOT to do) and then tell them what the consequence(s) will be if they mis-behave. Maybe something like not being able to have treats for a week, or no friends over. Take away something they really enjoy doing for an agreed amount of time and then follow through. I’m sorry that it’s so frustrating with them not behaving well. I hope next time goes better.


  3. …let me clear that bathroom part up…Tanner pulls down his pants in the living room to walk down the hall to the bathroom to go pee. He doesn’t go to the bathroom in the living room…lol


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