I just finished reading the Twilight series. Yes, it is NOT the next great american peice of literature, but I absolutely love it and for a very specific reason. That reason is Edward. I admit it, I’m in love with him (sorry, Lyndon). Yes, I’m a married 28 year old woman who is in love with a literary character. Hmmm… and I thought I was normal 😛 I don’t feel too badly about it, though, because I can almost guarantee if you read these books, you’ll fall in love with him too. I can also admit openly that I am NOT in love with Jacob, though he seems like a nice guy. I am NOT disappointed that Bella…well, I won’t give it away – i DO expect you all to read these books!

In my opinion, the first book was my favorite. I hear different opinions about the different books, but I like who Bella is in the first book and that’s also where their relationship is the freshest. Yes, their love doesn’t cool off as the books go on, but there is something special about watching them fall in love against all odds (yes, the whole Romeo/Juliet thing). I also find that in the 2nd and 3rd books, Bella seems to have a few too many whiny wishy washy moments. I feel like saying, “Charge admission to all those pity parties and you might make enough to buy yourself a spine!” I’m a little harsh, but I’ve never understood girls (yes, I am one – I’m not making any announcements here). I’ve always had a hard time with the whining, the gossip, the meaningless prattle. I understand the character’s hardships, tough decisions, and feelings of being constantly in danger, but I would love to see a little more depth to the character in future. Edward must be a saint (for a vampire) to be so patient! Though, I guess Bella is forced to be patient on a number of occasions as well 🙂
I’m excited to see where she goes in the next books, and I’m VERY interested to see what they do with the film. Who would YOU like to see play the parts of Edward? Bella? Carlisle? Alice?? Here are my picks!
Henry Cavill – though he is getting a little old to play a 17 year old. Some other thoughts could be Hayden Christiansen, or even some unknown!


Emily Browning – you know, from Lemony Snickets?? She is who I picture when I read the books.


Rachel Leigh Cook. This is also who I picture when I read the books. She is so petite, and beautiful – and she looks like she has a mischevious side 🙂

The rest I really haven’t given much thought. You know that guy from X-men who played that giant, muscular kid? I think he’d be fantastic playing Emmet. And Rosalie just has to be a knock out blonde!

If you haven’t picked up these books – do it now! So much fun to read, not too much thinking involved, and they will draw you in!

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