Best and EASIEST Paper Snowflakes EVER!

It has long been a tradition in our family to spend an evening making paper snowflakes together – to decorate the house for the winter. While it is fun, it often ends in frustration because the kids get confused about how to fold the paper, cutting it into the right shape, and not being able to get their scissors through all of the layers. Truth be told, I often end up doing most of it myself. 
THAT CHANGES THIS YEAR! Thanks to Pinterest, I will forever be making my paper snowflakes this way…with coffee filters!
I have found SO MANY reasons to love making them this way:
1. They are already in a circle shape – no cutting papers just to PREPARE
2. They are thin = easy to cut through, even when folded
3. They are CHEAP! Much cheaper than using white paper
4. Once finished, they have a very “fluttery” look about them, which is gorgeous!
5. Easy to fold and get started, no prep work at all. 
Here is a visual to help you see the best way to fold them to make a 6-point snowflake:
I hope you’ll enjoy making some of these with your family. Here is how we like to display them in our home:
Stitch them together in a line, then hang from the ceiling. You could also hand them like a banner as well. Have fun!


7 thoughts on “Best and EASIEST Paper Snowflakes EVER!

  1. That's so funny, I just cut like a bazillion paper snowflakes last night! We're hanging ours in garlands alternating with circle-punches from bookpages behind our christmas tree. Love it!


  2. YAY! One more thing to add to my list of “100 things to do with coffee filters.” Most of those things on my list are for uses during an emergency. They are in my preparedness supplies. Will have to get them out and do this. Note to self: Buy more coffee filters to replace the ones I use. Wouldn't want to be caught without them during an emergency. lol.

    Thanks Bobbi! Have a Merry Christmas!


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