Is 8 Really Enough?

YES IT IS! Okay, let me explain what I’m talking about 🙂 There is a fabulous eBook from Ella Publishing that has really changed how I look at my scrapbooking. The book is called “Eight is Enough” and it’s all about simplifying how you scrapbook by limiting the number of supplies you use to only EIGHT. 
Now, I was skeptical…I admit it. I like a clean and simple page, but I always end up adding one more stamp, one more piece of ribbon, one more button…and those little “extra touches” end up really slowing down my creative process. I can spend hours just sifting through my supplies looking for something to use on the page. It’s such a waste of valuable time!
I took on the challenge and picked out only 8 supplies to use (including my silhouette SD machine) and went too work. I could not believe just how fast my layout came together…we’re talking, record time! It amazed me just how much LIMITING my supplies actually FREED up my time! Who knew? 
The eBook is full of practical and fun tips that helped me learn how to stretch my supplies, along with lots of layout inspiration, too. It’s a good one! You can buy it yourself HERE and I highly recommend it. I’ll be referring to it every time I scrapbook from now on.

And to see what supplies I chose to create this simple layout, you can read all about it on Ella Publishing today! I’m a guest blogger, and I’d love for you to pop by and show me some love 🙂


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