Pray About It

Happy Friday! I came across this quote while browsing on Pinterest and it immediately struck me with just how TRUE it is. I am guilty of fretting, talking, and thinking about my problems – but have I spent as much time on my knees praying over it? I recreated this quote in colors that compliment my bedroom decor so that I can have it on display in a spot where I’ll see it every morning and every night.

Patterned Paper from Rhonna’s Grateful Glam Paper pack


20 thoughts on “Pray About It

  1. Saw this on pinterest, and this just CLICKS with me. I am expecting my first baby in May, and need to take these words to heart. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  2. I am so guilty of this very thing, and this is a wonderful reminder to spend more time in prayer and less time discussing my concerns. Thank you for posting.


  3. I just actually found your blog through Pinterest. And this download is so perfect for me because my dorm room is done in these colors. What an amazing reminder. Thank you!


  4. I so desperately needed this reminder. I don't have a color printer, but am going to get it printed ASAP. I am already envisioning it either on my desk at the office, or somewhere prominent in my house.

    Thank you.


  5. I love this beautiful reminder to take it to the Lord. Thank you for sharing your talents. I have printed a copy for my home.-Jodi


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