How Was Your Weekend?

I can sum mine up in one word…..BUSY! 
Our little BB lost her first tooth! This is a big deal, folks. Not only is she, like, totally grown up – but she got some money from the tooth fairy!! One shiny dollar! She sat her tooth out on her dresser in a cup of water – that way when she woke up, the water had turned the color of her tooth fairy (which, in this case, was a brilliant purple!). Magic all around! 

Oh, and Friday also meant report cards. This is a happy time around here…so far 🙂 I was pleased with their amazing grades, but I was more impressed by the teachers’ comments about my girls having positive attitudes, having great work ethics, working well with everyone in class, and being good examples to all. Each of their teachers had similar things to say, and I was filled with love and joy over my children who always try their best and live what they believe. That absolutely deserved a dinner out a BPs!
Morning was spent with a wonderful couple, photographing their first pregnancy and getting to know them. They are absolutely thrilled about their baby on the way, and I was so happy to be a small part of capturing those memories!
We also celebrated TJ’s 11th birthday!
A house FULL of giggling girls was a lot of fun, a lot of laughs, and a lot of love. It was a blast.
We adore our TJ. I’ll do a little spotlight about her on her actual birthday…but for now..just blow out the candles! (No, she’s not 2..she’s 11. We had to use our imagination with the candles – hee hee).
We woke up to this:
Oh, how lovely was the morning! It was very beautiful, but really? It’s supposed to be SPRING!! No worries…it was all melted by late afternoon 🙂 If anything, it made it all the easier to stay indoors and watch General Conference. We loved the Saturday Sessions, and were amazed and uplifted by the incredibly touching talks and by how personal each of them felt to me. I just have to tell you that, regardless of your faith, there were messages shared that will lift and bless each and every  one of us. Messages about faith, love, service, and families. If you want to watch what we watched…it is available for anyone to see here:
The kids are still small, so I provided them with some activity booklets, age appropriate for each of them, from Sugardoodle! They created as they listened and hopefully took away something – if only feeling the Spirit of the meeting 🙂

We had a wonderful discussion about what we learned, over dinner, and I know that my children took away some important lessons. We have recommitted to sacrifice what we can to attend the temple more often – our goal is twice a month to start, then go from there 🙂 I made some personal goals and feel ready to face the next 6 months until the next Conference. It’s a wonderful feeling. I truly do feel the “good news” that the gospel really is. No matter what trials and adversity swirl around me, I feel happy and at peace with the world because of what I know. It’s a priceless feeling. If you ever want to know more about what I believe, please ask! I’ll do my best to answer 🙂 Or you can visit to learn even more!

3 thoughts on “How Was Your Weekend?

  1. Conference was TRULY awesome wasn't it!

    Happy Happy Birthday to TJ. Just think…..this is your last year before all those teenagers start taking up residence there. ; D


  2. Thanks for sharing your weekend. I loved looking at all of your photos. Your girls are growing up so fast. I think it is so neat that you, I mean the tooth fairy puts color in the cup of water. I'll bet the purple was pretty.

    we had snow on Friday. It came down hard but it was warm enough so that it was all gone by Saturday. 🙂 So much for spring being here.



  3. I also had the snow and the Conference, but I missed out on cake and a visit from the tooth fairy! I just wanted to let you know I've blogged about your embellished frames and printables today. Thanks again for sharing your creativity with all of us in blog land!


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