Easter Quote (4X6)

I’m going to close my eyes, for a moment, and pretend that Spring has actually sprung. Maybe then I’ll forget the 2 feet of snow that is still taking up residence in my backyard! Ew. Snow or not, Easter is on it’s way, and that means I need to change up my seasonal quote frame! I wanted something elegant and mindful of the reason for Easter. Like Christmas, it is so easy to get swept up with the commercialism and the….CHOCOLATE…that I often lose sight of WHY we are celebrating! I love this quote, and I hope you will, too!
(Sorry for the awful photo quality – it’s been one of those days)
I made this 4X6 quote in some soft pastel colors, but feel free to change up the colors in Photoshop, like I have shown you in my tutorials!
The best way to print these is to upload and order from your favorite print lab, just as you would any photograph! Most 4X6 photos are less than 19 cents. You can’t beat that! Hope you have a fabulous day, and that you are feeling springtime in the air!

6 thoughts on “Easter Quote (4X6)

  1. The Easter quote is lovely . The pastel colors that you chose to use for your printales are beautiful. Like you, we still hve lots of snow left on the ground. It's hard to believe that Easter is just around the corner.

    Thank you for sharing your printable with us. I have been getting mine printed by Kodak and I love how wonderful they come out. Thanks again Bobbi-Jo.



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