Do it yourself sprouts!

My mother in law is one smart cookie. While visiting she imparted of her knowledge and taught me how to SPROUT!! WAHOO! This is something I’ve wanted to learn for a long time because 1. it allows us to get more live enzymes into our diet which is AWESOME, and 2. it provides a way to get fresh veggies while using up food storage! Nice! Now, there are a lot of great videos on YouTube that show how to sprout in different ways and with different seeds, nuts, and legumes. This is one great video about sprouting ALMONDS and SUNFLOWER SEEDS as well as how to sprout in general. It’s essentially the same for most seeds etc.

BUT I’m going to show you how *I* did it just using things from around the house.

First, I took out an ordinary Tupperware type container. You will want something kind of tall. You can even just use the mason jars like in the above video. Then you throw some seeds (or nuts or legumes) in there – if you don’t pack it with tonnes of seeds, you’ll find you get taller sprouts. I didn’t put very many in this example.

I am using, I believe, alfalfa seeds. My MIL gave them to me out of the kindness of her dear, sweet, heart 🙂 You can see how many I added here. Feel free to add a bit more, if you like.

Then I covered them with water. You can fill it higher, but really, you just want the seeds to be covered.

Now, I didn’t have any fancy mesh, BUT I did have a CLEAN pair of torn nylons which worked perfectly to stretch over the top. I did mention they were CLEAN nylons, didn’t I? Now, leave this sit like this for a few hours or overnight.
In the morning, simply drain the water off, rinse, and drain. Repeat this every morning and night and you’ll soon see (within a matter of just a few days) a container full of these delicious sprouts!!

And BOY are they ever good in a roast beef sandwich with a little horseradish thrown in YUMMO!

Now, GO! Go and sprout my little darlings! Read up on all of the things you can sprout. The possibilities are endless!!

4 thoughts on “Do it yourself sprouts!

  1. very interesting! sprouting has been something I have wanted to try too- where do you get alfalfa seeds? I think I am going to try to get some wheat sprouting right now!


  2. SO in the mood to sprout. Now I just need to get a mil who will give me some alfalfa seeds 😉
    Never heard of the almond sprouting though…. interesting!


  3. YAY! I am glad she got you started while she was there. We just had our Stake Sprouting Enrichment night tonight. She was there too.

    I had wanted the sisters in our stake to get excited about sprouting for a long time now. I LOVE it! I’ve been making ALL kinds of meals with different ones. My favorite is Mung Beans. Make sure you have some in your food storage.

    Have fun with sprouting! They are SO healthy!!!


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