Here’s the deal. In this fabulous game of tag, you need to take a self-portrait of you RIGHT NOW – no primping, no make up, no photo editing – just all natural, beautiful smokin’ hot YOU! I figured, since I was at my computer anyway, using my awesome super high-tech camera on my laptop to do the deed. So, here I am in all my Saturday-at-home-lounging-around-with-no-make-up glory! Eat it up. I know you love it.

So, since I don’t want to bask in the glory on my own, I’m officially tagging three people who now must do the same thing.

1. Joanne – because I think you’ll actually do it and I miss you!
2. Talia A. – because you CAN’T look fabulous 24-7 and I’m determined to catch you looking like the rest of us shmucks
3. Amy W. – because Grey is getting way too much coverage on your blog – he needs to move over and let you shine!

Also, if you’re feeling brave – YOU start a game of photag on your blog! But only if you send me a link to it first!

Ciao for now!

7 thoughts on “Photag!

  1. I agree with Lynn – not a fair picture. I want bed head, make-up face and things hanging off your teeth! (well maybe the teeth thing is pushing it a bit far :S )


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