Biking and Interviews

Well, B finally took the plunge and learned how to ride her two wheeler last week! YAY! I was super surprised when, after I had suggested we go to the church parking lot to ride bikes, she excitedly said “Well, don’t forget to bring my 2 wheeler so I can learn!” Okay…. is this the same girl who shrieked and screamed the last time we even suggested it? I guess it shows me that when they are ready, they are ready! And she was…
It only took a few tried before she was off! She is still wobbly at it, and hasn’t quite learned how to start on her own (I still need to push her from behind to get her moving) but she definitely has the hang of it. I was very excited for her. It’s a big step. I feel kind of bad that she’s 6 and is just learning this. I know many families who have children much younger who are zipping around on two wheels. I think I’m just a terrified mom who can picture her kids being hit by a car or something. Not sure what that’s about. Maybe it stems from that Church video “Together Forever” – you remember the clip? LOL! Okay, moving on…
I loved how these pages turned out. I used a page kit from Lisa Bearnson, which was originally meant as a New Year’s layout. I was more than happy to turn it into a “My kids a bike ridin’ star” page 🙂 I loved this series of shots as well…
I was trying to show the distance she was covering. Did it work?? Oh, and these fun stars in the kit made me so happy. They are made out of some kind of sheet metal. Awesome!…
Something I’ve made it a goal to do is to interview my kids once a year, then do a layout about it. It’s a fun way to watch them grow and mature, and let’s face it – kids say the darndest things! I asked them all the same questions (all excepting my soon to be 2 year old) which was fun because I could see their difference and similarities at once. I also learned a few things about my girls that I didn’t know before, such as B’s favorite color:

“What’s Your Favorite Color?” White because it’s a pretty color, and people wear it on special days like when they are baptized or getting married. And white means you can color whatever color you want on it”

Who knew? I love her insight. LOL! She has matured by leaps and bounds these last couple of months. It’s like she’s not the same child! I was worried about her starting second grade this fall, but I know she’ll be more than fine 🙂 She is very tender hearted, and even shy at times. She has a beautiful imagination and is very creative. She has also become more and more motherly lately – very anxious to help her little sisters (and me).

TJ wasn’t such a revelation for the most part. She and I are very much alike in our interests, and she is the type of child (and perhaps is at the age) where she likes to spend a lot of time doing what I’m doing. Plus, she talks non-stop about her life, which I love as a mom but can get distracting when I’m reading 😉 I certainly hope it continues, though, right through teenage-dom.
I asked her:

“What Do You Like Learning About?” Art because I like doing stuff where I can make whatever I imagine.

Wow. See how fun it is??

BB was too funny to listen to as I asked her the questions. She is just a kooky kid, very happy go lucky and cute. I hear her dad was like that as a kid. I loved hearing every one of her answers. One I thought was so cute was when I asked:

“If you could have one super power, what would it be?” BIG power – it saves you if there’s a monster in real life!”

LOL! She is so funny. She is about to turn 4 at the end of the month, and I’ll be starting to teach her joy school in September. I’m so excited to spend all that one on one time with her, helping her learn and grow in a positive way. So fun.

Finally, I did a page with all my girls. They are so awesome, so sweet. I just have the coolest kids around. I was laughing when a friend of ours (our bishop) came over for lunch with my husband and said how he wasn’t used to how quiet a house can be when kids are in school (his wife homeschools their children). I laughed and said they are home, downstairs playing, and reminded him that it is still August. He was shocked at how quiet it was with four kids! I told him that my girls play extremely well together – they are on the same team! When I called the kids up for lunch, I saw them all come skipping out of TJ’s room so I asked them what they had been doing in there. “Playing school!” LOL! Okay, so the bishop was right… they WERE in school 🙂

After seeing this awesome chandelier stamp on Talia’s blog, I knew I wanted one. When I was in the fun little scrapbook store in MJ, I came across it and snatched it up. I love it! It just adds something to a page that needs it. Love it. I really love how this page turned out, too. I mean, I love how every page with my daughters on it turns out – it’s my girls! But I like the monogram, and the photos, and the butterflies, and the scallop circle. I’m so in love with this page 🙂

11 thoughts on “Biking and Interviews

  1. Way to go with the bike little B! If you read my blog recently about Curtis, Bobbi, you will see that he is 12 and still learning to ride his bike! So way to go! That is awesome.Love the pages you did of your girls. They are truly special little ones. They have a special mommy who cares SO much about them. Just love that.


  2. Such a great idea and your girls are little angels. Just so darn cute! They’re a lucky bunch of girls to have someone like you love them so much! God bless!


  3. As always, I LOVE these los! I love the interview idea – what a clever idea. It is amazing how much they grow and change.Also, I bought that same kit from LB and I might have to copy your idea. I wasn’t loving the New Year theme, but knew that I could come up with something fun! When I saw your idea, I think I squealed out loud!!!Great work – as always!! Love your thoughts and ideas!


  4. you are a wonderful mom and I am inspired by you! I can’t believe B is already 6. weren’t they just little ones on our laps, going to joy school and here they are all grown up in almost grade 2. cute layouts btw!


  5. That super power would seriously come in handy with those monsters. You’re right…you’re kids do say the cutest things ever.


  6. I hope this comes across the way I want it to…I think sometimes we look at other people’s children and think “why aren’t my children doing that”. Like riding a bike. Tanner just barely learned how to ride a tricycle and I am in no rush to put him on a real bike with training wheels. Sometimes, I feel like I push him (or us as parents) push our kids to grow up much too fast. So what if Tanner doesn’t ride a 2 wheeler until he’s 6 or 7 or 8. He’ll get there. I also know lots of little kids his age that are on 2 wheelers. And like you say, when they’re ready, they’re ready. What questions do you ask your girls? That is such a great idea to interview them. I never really thought about it with Tanner. I always just thought I would do it when he’s a little older but now I’m going to start doing that too. Thanks for the great idea! You are such a good Mom.


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