My own little opera star!

Oh my gosh. I’m a proud mom…yes I am.

I know I shouldn’t be proud, yadda yadda yadda, and maybe proud isn’t quite the right word, but there you have it.

It was our local elementary school talent show today. You all know what that means. It was 1 1/2 hours of watching a few talented kids interspersed with a LOT of kids basically acting silly. There was one group of girls who “sang” 3 songs and frankly I would call it karaoke that wasn’t practised. Okay, I’m sounding like a snot bag, but seriously – they were giggling the entire time, looking at each other, and barely singing at all – it was playtime. There were a few “dance” numbers that consisted of girls basically swaying to and fro to a 4 minute song. I wouldn’t have minded so much except I was trying to control my 3 and 1 year old (who was missing her nap to be there). A lot of waiting…

But just in case I give you the impression that I didn’t enjoy the show, there were a number of GREAT talents being displayed. There was a girl who did a first nations eagle dance, dressed in the full garb, there was a little guy who did an AWESOME martial arts routine. A couple of musicians played clarinets, violins, and guitars including a couple of electric guitars, which was cool. There was this girl who was probably about 10 or 11 who did an amazing gymnastics routine as well. Very, very nice!

And then there was TJ. I was so proud of her as she got up there to sing a song from “The Phantom of the Opera”. Keep in mind that this was a very ambitious song for her to do, and she’s 8.She did choose the song herself, and she did a wonderful job. She was the second to last performer and I could see her getting more and more nervous as her turn got closer and closer. I was nervous too. She hadn’t had much practise with her teacher who accompanied her on the piano, but it turned out fine, even with my wrestling with my 2 little ones while trying to video tape (sorry about the motion sickness, folks). Anyway – here she is!


Again, sorry for the poor taping. I was trying to wrestle with my kiddos at the same time 🙂 Which also explains why I didn’t get the beginning of the song, either. Oops 🙂 Anyway, I had tears in my eyes when she finished to whoops, and yells, and applause, AND a standing ovation. Yep. So proud. Am I slightly biased? You bet. I’m sure every parent there thought their child was #1. But, my little girl was number one to me!

Maybe someday I can afford to get her into voice lessons. I would love that, and so would she. But for now – she is my own sweet little Opera star!

16 thoughts on “My own little opera star!

  1. You have every right to be proud! LOL! She takes it seriously and obviously works at it. Hopefully she can get lessons someday, that you desire for her, but I honestly think she has it in her to seriously study on her own. Awesome!P.S. Love the cheer from her biggest fan at the end of the video. Who doesn’t want their mom there to cheer them on like that.Way to go T!


  2. wowie, wow wow! she is good, and so pretty. I so remember the talent show our school had last year- some very sad things, and I am sure they had to ‘try out’ with their talent before they got approved, which I was very confused why three girls got to all lip sync the exact same hilary duff song, and all poorly, I might add. but there was some really good talent there. oh, I was excited when I saw skipping on the program, I thought it would be some of that fancy stuff, but no, it was three girls just skipping. and not so good at that either. funny.


  3. Oh my goodness! That was perfect! I saw that same poise last Sunday as the primary children sang during sacrament meeting. Amazing really.The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree Bobbi Jo.


  4. 8 huh? I think she did better than most adults would! She’s great, and you have every reason to be pleased to the ends of the earth because that girl has got some talent and tons of guts. (I loved the little ah ah ah ah’s at the end of the song). BRAVO TJ!


  5. In most other languages, they have 2 words for “pride”. One for describing the opposite of shame, and then one to describe the opposite of humility. I say embrace the “opposite of shame” definition and be super proud of this cuteness!


  6. she is so cute!! That was a supurb job for an eight year old you have every right to be one proud mama!!! She had a beautiful voice and doesn’t even seem nervous! That was so dang cute!! What a good mom you are!


  7. What a brave little girl you have here! She did an amazing job! I loved the last part where it was acapella and such a tricky part – she did it perfectly! You have every ride to be proud. I don’t even know her and it brought tears to my eyes! what a perfect little opera star you have!!BTW, congrats on your new calling, how is that going?! I am sure you are doing an amazing job!


  8. what a priceless gem you have there. That was so sweet. Good job on letting her pick a song that isn’t a very easy song. She did great!


  9. Wow! I too had a tear in my eye! What confidence she has for an 8 year old. What what a pretty voice. She definitely needs to continue with singing. You have every right to have a proud mama moment!! Thank you for sharing her with us 🙂 joanne x


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