Free Friday – Only One Christmas 5X7 print

Happy FREE Friday, everyone!
I’m sharing a recent favorite quote found on and it was just one of those quotes that hit me like a brick. Yes! There has been only one Christmas, over 2000 years ago, and ever since we have been celebrating the anniversary of that very special first Christmas. So, I created this simple 5X7 printable that would be fun to frame, use as a gift tag or a card, or to make a fridge magnet out of it! Whatever you want 🙂


Free Friday – Christmas Word Art Tree

Happy free Friday!
I know it’s a little early, but I wanted to share a bit of Christmas word art with you in time to print it and be ready to display. Other fun uses might be to frame as a gift, or to use as a Christmas card! This is free for personal use only, and if you like it, I’d love a comment here! Oh, and I’d love to see how you use my printables. Link here with your blog posts with photos! So fun!


M&M Christmas Poem and Download!

While out caroling with my family last night, we visited the Temple president’s home and his wife (who is our cousin) gave us a bag of M&Ms with this adorable poem that links the candies to the Nativity story! I absolutely fell in love with it!I knew immediately that I wanted to create a cute printable that I could share with all of you to help you make a sweet and simple gift for teachers, neighbors, or friends!
Here is the poem:
As you hold these candies in your hand
and turn them, you will see
The ‘M’ become a ‘W’,
an ‘E’ and then a ‘3’
They tell the Christmas Story ~
I’m sure it’s one you know.
It took place in a stable
a long, long time ago.
The ‘E’ is for the East
Where the star shone so bright!
The ‘M’ is for the Manger
where the baby Jesus slept at night.
The ‘3’ is for the wisemen,
bearing gifts with which they came.
‘W’ is for Worship!
Hallelujah! Praise His name!
So as you eat these candies,
or share them with a friend,
Remember the meaning of Christmas.
It’s a love that never ends!


Download the free printable HERE: