I Want to Be a Missionary Now! (Free Download)

In preparing for my Primary class this Sunday, I had a terrible time finding a printout of “Future Missionary” tags for the kids to wear. I’m sure you’ve guessed that our lesson is on being a missionary NOW, in simple, every day ways.

Anyway, because I’m such a computer whiz (ha ha) I decided it would be a snap to make my own. First I had to figure out what font the Church uses for our official logo. I found out that it is a font called ” ITC Galliard Roman” (don’t you LOVE Google??). You can purchase that font for a fee, or if you want a font that is almost exactly the same for FREE you can use THIS font called “Galliard BT“, which works (and looks) the same.

Once I had the proper font installed (if you need/want detailed instructions on HOW to download and install fonts – see my tutorial HERE), it didn’t take long to create these cute tags!

And because I’m so kind, I want to include the file here for you, my friends, because it is a super cute thing to have on hand for FHE lessons, Primary lessons/activities… you name it.
Missionary Tags

I am also giving the kiddos this cute bookmarks that I found at The Idea Door. It’s like a checklist of the easy things they (and we) can do each day to be a missionary now! Happy day! It really isn’t hard to share what we believe, is it?