Spring Cleaning Your Computer! A 3-week "Clean Computer Calendar"

Spring time is almost upon us and the drive to do some spring cleaning often takes hold.

We gear up to wash the windowsills, clean out the garage, or tackle the disastrous storage room! But have you ever considered the need to spring clean your computer? Think about this – it is something that we use daily, it gets cluttered, and can turn into an unmanageable collection of “stuff” that is impossible to sort out. 

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25 Life Changing Tips

 My mother in law knows how I love SMART ideas, so she sent me this list of “25 CLEVER Ideas to Make Life Easier!” as seen on “The Daily Buzz”. Some of them I had seen before, but there were a few “aha!” ideas, too! Here are just a couple that caught my organizational eye!
1. Gotcha! Find tiny lost items like earrings by putting a stocking over the vacuum hose. No more vacuuming up those Polly Pocket clothes!
 2. BRILLIANT! Simple stick an adhesive magnetic strip to the inside of your bathroom cabinet to keep those stray bobby pins in place.
Oh, and while we are the subject of stray bobby pins, check out this other idea for storing them that I found on Pinterest:

3.Another piece of brilliant…stick a strip of velcro on the wall to store all of those stuffed animals. THIS I could use!

4. Um…HOW did I not think of this before? Hull strawberries with a straw! I’ve got to give this a shot.

5. Finally, one that I have seen before, but I think it is brilliant enough to share. Store your folded sheet sets INSIDE the pillow case! Yeah. How has this just come to light? LOVE!

Did this whet your appetite? Be sure to pop by “the Daily Buzz” or Pinterest to find even more BRILLIANT and CLEVER Storage ideas. They are everywhere! I’d love for you to share your finds! Happy hunting!