Cathy Zielske Drill #3 – Symmetrical Squares

Well, the first week of BPC’s BOOT CAMP is over and I LOVED every second of it. I have been challenged to take my photography to the next level with drills that help me to see people, places, and things in new light and from different angles. I have been incredibly inspired to play more with my photographs and encouraged to display them in a place for all to see.

My creative spark has been reignited with challenges from the incomparable Cathy Zielske and her amazing design techniques. She has taught me about how to use fonts on a layout effectively, how to use common margins to unify the look of a page, and how to use squares and symmetrical designs for a layout that is always pleasing to the eye. SO MUCH INSPIRATION! I am loving it. Here is the latest layout I created using a template the members of the class received:

I loved documenting a few of my “happy things”, but I failed to mention how BOOT CAMP has been one of my happiest things lately. I can not wait for this next week to begin. It isn’t too late to join in the fun! You can join up until Oct. 27th and have access to all of the class videos and downloads! You can be inspired all the time.YAY! Happy creating!


Boot Camp Drill "Rediscovering Common Margins"

Yesterday and today we were learning some fabulous design techniques. I especially loved learning about how using common margins can unify the look of a page. I knew I wanted to try using common margins with one of my layouts for my China album (from our recent trip of a lifetime!). I have so many photos from this trip, so I need to have as many photos on each spread as I can fit, without my eyes going buggy on me 🙂 I love how it turned out! Thanks, BOOT CAMP!


Boot Camp – Day 1 "Find Your Muse"

Day 1 of Big Picture’s BOOT CAMP and my creative muscles are feeling stronger already!
Our challenge today was to find our muse and get creative photographing it. Well, my real “muses” are my gorgeous children, but I decided to photograph an instrument that I have always thought was beautiful and interesting…the guitar! I loved the video class and the inspiration I received from watching it. I went to work on my “drill” and photographed my daughter’s guitar from several different angles. Here are a few that I captured:

There is something enchanting about the soft curves against the taut strings and the beautiful grain of the wood. I just love it! It really got my creative juices flowing to take some time to look at the object from many different angles and in different light. No right or wrong, just observe and play! I think this is one of my favorite shots from my 5 minute “play” session”:

I can not WAIT for tomorrow’s “drill”! Registration is still open, so it’s not too late to join in the fun. You will have instant access to the daily drills and downloads. Hope to see you there!