Fall Colors with Melody Susie!

I have previously shared my love for MelodySusie and their at-home LED Nail Lamp, but I’m back with more good news! They have a gorgeous line of jewel tone colors – perfect for fall! These are their Lux Classics 1 Step Color Gels – and I have to say, they are my favorite.


Let me just say – these colors make me ALL KINDS of happy – and they look even more amazing in person. These colors have a slight shimmer to them that really make you feel like you’ve got some jewels on your fingers. Absolutely stunning.img_1434-copy


The machine is so easy to use – brainless, actually, which makes it perfect for me! Ha!MelodySusie 2016 (8)

I can not even describe how beautiful these colors are – I chose Emerald for my fingernails and it’s possibly my favorite color ever. I wish the photo could show just how gorgeous this color is and how beautifully it goes on!


But this is super cool – did you know you can take the bottom off the machine (it pops right off as it connects magnetically) which makes it perfect for . . . PEDICURES! WAHOO!


You just pop the bottom off, set the machine on the floor, and stick your toesies right in! Voila!


Okay, I hate my toes and I’m sorry for sharing a photo of them (I have that silly second toe that is longer – whatevs), but I wanted to show you how easy this stuff is to work with. I have fat toes and tiny nails, so it’s hard for me to get nail polish to look nice when I paint my own toenails. I love how these turned out:
2016-10-20-005-copyNow I can give myself a mani or pedi right at home whenever I want. I love these 1 step gel colors with the lamp because they are crazy durable and I don’t have an issue with chipping I discovered that it only takes a thin coat to work – amazing quality. I highly recommend these gel colors.


*For more information about the products, please visit www.melodysusie.com or MelodySusie New Product Release.

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