Back at the Photography Game

Interesting feeling – prepping to do a paid photography session after a long hiatus. Actually, I’m not sure the hiatus will ever be over, officially, but I did pick up my camera, dust it off, and got ready to photograph some relatives who were having a reunion weekend. It’s a special occasion to have all of your family together – children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. I must be becoming sentimental because I get teary-eyed when I think of the family members I haven’t seen in some time.


The numbers weren’t crazy for this group, but over 40 people still felt daunting to me. Would I remember how to pose people? Would I be able to create enough levels that I could see everyone and not stretch out a mile, both directions? What would the light be like at 10am? Did I remember everything? What if I forget how to use my camera?!
Yes, I’m a worry wart. The adage that says worry only robs today of it’s peace is true. Things turned out fine, and this group of people made the morning as easy as pie:
 After getting the large group photo first (the most IMPORTANT photo we were after), we fit in a few individual family groupings as a last minute thing.
 The smaller children were a dream – they were so cooperative and pleasant, and …um…GORGEOUS!
 This mother with her four daughters had me imagining the future with my four girls – hoping that we will have occasions to get together, as adults, and enjoy time spent with one another. 

It was an hour out of my life, but it help reignite the joy I once had in photographing families professionally. I live in a market saturated with photographers who do what I do, and do an excellent job at it, so I had turned my focus to the blogs I manage and put photography on the back burner. I’m not saying I’ll ever go back to it as a regular thing, but the idea isn’t completely out of the question, either 🙂Photobucket

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