Help Me Get To Ethiopia!

This is BIG news and I’m so excited to share it. But first a little back story. 
 About 6 months ago, my husband started working for an amazing charity called “Canadian Humanitarian”. Since then we have learned more and more about the incredible work they do, helping kids in Ethiopia, Uganda, and Malawi. They have helped hundreds of children get a good education, warm food in their bellies, clothing, and opportunities that will set them up for a successful life!
In February, my husband made the trip to visit their programs and to meet the kids that are benefitting from them. His stories were just awesome. I couldn’t wait to get involved, too.

So, I have decided that I want to go. I want to see, first hand, what they are doing for these kids and to lend a helping hand. My goal is to go on an expedition with them in October of 2015 and to photograph my experience.

As a volunteer, I need to fundraise my way there. It is a daunting task, so I’m getting an early start on my fundraising. I am looking to the generosity of others to help in any small way they can, to donate to my total. I need to raise $4000.00. It’s a lot, but I’ve got a year and a half to do it. 
If you, or anyone else you know, can help – please do! Any small amount will help! 
I am also working on a FREE Project Life digital kit that I will offer to anyone who reads, in exchange for a donation of any amount. I want to give back! 
SO, if you want to help, please visit my giving page

You can decide on an amount and pay via PayPal. Or, if you don’t have a paypal account, click on “Pay with Paypal” and then when the pop up screen appears, select “Pay as guest” and choose your method of payment. That’s it!
Thanks, in advance for your help and please spread the word. I am SO excited to go. If you want to find out more about Canadian Humanitarian, or their USA branch, “Kids Hope Ethiopia“, please visit their websites. Photobucket

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