Project Life – Week 10! Amy Tangerine Mini Kit

 I have been terrible about posting my weekly layouts, haven’t I? It’s not something I have done at all in the past, and I’m not sure it is something I plan to really begin. I love checking out the gorgeous layouts by Project Life enthusiasts all over the web, but I think I’ll stick to just posting the odd layout when the feeling hits 🙂 
You’ll notice, right away, that I am still keeping to my uber simple style. I have been loving the little paper doilies from the dollar store, though – they sometimes add that little extra “something” that I find is sometimes missing on my title cards. For this layout, I went with the Amy Tangerine mini kit. I thought the colors nicely complimented my photos this week.

 Here is a closer peek at the left side of my spread:

And the right side:
This was so long ago (a month ago, actually) that I have almost forgotten these events! I’m so glad I documented them in my Project Life album!


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