Back in the Saddle! Getting My Photography On!

It was a long four months since I put on my “professional photographer” hat and took on a portrait session. Since moving, I haven’t put much thought or effort into building my business in our new city (life has been a bit busy), but when a loyal client (and friend) back in Regina heard I was coming for a weekend visit, she asked if she could book a mini session for her beautiful little girl (who I have photographed every year at this time since she was one). 
Of course I said yes! 
To be honest, though, I was nervous about being rusty, forgetting simple details, or whatever – after having sat that photographer’s hat on a dusty shelf for months. However, as soon as the session started, it felt natural and wonderful all over again. We had a blast in that half hour, and their adorable little girl made everything easier. She is such a doll!
 Here is a peek at the fun we had:

We will see where this photography journey takes me now that I have relocated – whether my business builds up here or not, I know that I love photography and stretching my photographic muscles felt great!


2 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle! Getting My Photography On!

  1. For you, I think, it must be like riding a bike! If I have to drive to you for her next 14 birthdays I will! There simply isn't another photographer who can capture what you do!


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