Spring Table Setting – Relief Society March Party!

March 17th commemorates the organization of the Relief Society of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I am so happy to be a part of this amazing organization – the largest women’s organization of it’s kind in the world! To celebrate, each ward (congregation) plans a “March Party” to get together and enjoy each other’s company, while celebrating the Relief Society.
Our ward decided to try a fun idea – they asked a few different women to decorate their own table – I think there were about 8 of us. Here is the table setting I came up with:
I went with a bright and airy style, which I really love. I love the chartreuse and turquoises (the colors don’t come out well in these photos – taken in ugly fluorescent lighting). I found that fun ceramic owl at Michaels when they were having that whole collection on sale for 50% off. LOVE! The little plants I found at Superstore (in Canada), and the frame I found at a dollar store. I painted it white and added my FREE PRINTABLE that I created to match the theme colors.



I also found this fun quatrefoil fabric at Fabricland, and sewed these placemats to match.
Here are a few of the tables some of the other ladies created – I loved seeing their creative flair come out in their table settings.






It was a fabulous evening. I loved spending time together, getting to know the women in my new ward, and having a lot of fun together. Oh, and the food was amazing:
We also did an activity where we each filled out a card that said one act of service that stood in need of. Then we all placed the cards on a table. When everyone had done this, we each went up to the table and picked a card with a service that we felt we could help with. We all left the evening ready to serve and be served. It was wonderful!
I love being a part of the Relief Society – a fabulous organization that helps me look outside myself and see to the needs of those around me. I feel loved, supported, and cared for – no matter where we live. It’s such a blessing.


3 thoughts on “Spring Table Setting – Relief Society March Party!

  1. we just had our RS party too! our theme was purses. they weighed everyone's purse, the top one was over 10 pounds!!!! the smallest less than 8 ozs. it was a lot of fun. I recognize the room! where is where we had our celebration also. it feels wonderful to be the same but all so unique. hugs…


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