What a month!! (And it’s not over, yet!)

What has your December looked like? So far, ours started out like this:

Then went something like this:
 Moving from Saskatchewan on a chilly winter day. Thank heavens for movers who were awesome – efficient, well-mannered, and great at what they do! It felt almost wrong, how easy it was!
On the 3rd, our day looked a LOT like this:


Our friends/relatives, The Gehmlichs, took us in for those couple of days between moving out and moving in. They fed us incredible meals for four nights, and kept us warm and cozy during some frigid temperatures outside. We enjoyed hot chocolate, movies, and lots of time visiting. It was glorious!
Day 4, we got the keys to our new home!! It was fun to go inside and just revel in the feeling of belonging somewhere in this new city.
 Our possessions didn’t arrive until day 6, and we were thrilled to see the moving truck waiting for us when we arrived at 8:30am. The girls each took turns on “door duty”, which was to watch for the movers coming to the door with a load and opening it for them. The weather was around minus 30 celsius with a windchill of about minus 40. Seriously cold day for moving in, but our movers were troopers.
 It didn’t take long before everything was loaded in the house, and the arduous task of unpacking began. Phew! I was amazed by how quickly the house started to come together, and by how much we accomplished in that first day!
 The girls even managed some quiet time, doing what they love, in the midst of the chaos.


Life continued on over the next few days. We organized and assembled our Christmas cards:

We set up the Christmas tree and decorations (I mean, why not – just a couple more boxes to unpack)

The kids started at their new schools on Monday (Dec. 9) after having been registered a few days earlier. The little girls both go to an elementary school, close to our house, and the older two started at a junior high school, which they get to be bussed to.



The kids were warmly welcomed into their schools, which does a mother’s heart good to see. I was more concerned with the older two, who had such big changes to deal with compared to their last school. It was their first time being bussed (and our driver changed the pick up location without telling the school or the bussing company – so the kids missed the bus the first day), first time having lockers, different classrooms, options,and so much more. Thankfully, the school arranged a “buddy” for each of them to stick with them and show them around. It worked out well. The homework has been a little overwhelming for them as the curriculum is a bit different and they are expected to play “catch up”, but with help from mom and dad, they are doing well 🙂
The kids have also enjoyed a Primary party, young women’s activities, and lots of festivities with the schools. It has been a fun couple of weeks. Here, at home, we are trying our best to get into the Christmas Spirit. I could sit and gaze at our tree all day. I just love it.





With the weather taking a warmer turn, we took some time to walk around a nearby neighborhood to look at their light display. It was beautiful!




Another fun surprise was being “elf”ed by someone in the neighborhood! It was a fun surprise left on our doorstep with a note, asking us to “pay it forward”. We are excited to “elf” someone else, soon!

Now we have been here for two weeks, in our home for a week and a half, and it has been a bit of a blur. Christmas is a week away and I think we are almost ready. All in all, we love our new home, we love our new city, and we love the move in general. It’s never easy to uproot, start over somewhere new, but having been welcomed so warmly has really helped. Now, on to new adventures and the rest of December!


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