Exciting News!

I can’t describe how ecstatic I am to have been chosen to be a part of the 2014 Project Life Creative Team!!
I started documenting daily life using, what was then called, Project 365 back in 2009. I decided, back then, to take the “Photo A Day” approach. Why? I think it was mainly to force MOTIVATE me to focus on the every day details of my life. I have a terrible memory – it’s downright scary sometimes – and Project Life has helped me to recall details and memories that I KNOW would have otherwise been forgotten in the recesses of my mind. Using Becky’s Project Life method has helped me to document our lives in a way that I never would have otherwise. 
I’m an ordinary person. I have asked myself (at least a dozen times) WHY has Becky chosen me to be a part of a team meant to inspire others? My style isn’t what I would call “beautiful” or “unique”. Most of the time, I simply print off my 4X6 photos, stick them in the pockets (using the regular, original design “A” page protectors), stick in the journaling cards (which I have both hand written and typed on) and DONE! But, I can honestly say that I am PASSIONATE about Project Life. It has completely changed how I scrapbook. I used to do elaborate pages that took me hours, and in the end – I’d have, like, 2-3 photos documented. My life is busy, with four kids, a husband, two jobs, and being active in the community. I was falling behind in my scrapbooking like CRAZY! Scrapbooking was becoming a chore and something I fell out of love with. I just wanted my photos in albums, with something written about them – without the hooplah and having to think to much about it all. Becky Higgins saved the day. Even if my layouts aren’t the prettiest, or more elaborate – I LOVE sitting down to look through my albums. I love the memories that are stirred, the feelings that bubble to the surface, and the overwhelming sense of how wonderful my life truly is. 
This is the title page for my 2013 album – I like to add a little more detail to those pages.

 I incorporated Project Life into my album from our recent trip to China!

I am excited to share a little of how I approach Project Life, and hope you’ll come along for the ride. 


4 thoughts on “Exciting News!

  1. Just getting a chance to catch up to the new Project Life team and really love your blog and your Project Life pages. Looking forward to following your blog! Happy New Year!


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