Stunning Saskatchewan!

When you have a gloriously beautiful Thanksgiving Day, and you had your huge meal the day before – what do you do? You go on a hike, of course!
We decided to go check out some local trails – just minutes from our front door. We have lived here for 6 years and this was the first time checking out these beautiful trails.

The girls were prepared with their binoculars – they spotted some fun birds and other interesting things.


JJ was just happy to be there – as she is with most things 🙂
TJ discovered that magical “fuzzy fluff” quality of cat tails!


There were some gorgeous little streams that were hidden along the trail.


It was hard not to stop every few feet to take in how beautiful the surroundings were, from every direction!


The colors of autumn were still hanging around, even in mid-October, which made the view even more spectacular.


We stopped to check out the stream and throw a few rocks in while we were at it.




TJ went off a bit on her own – climbing higher to get a better vantage point.


Who said Saskatchewan was flat and boring?


After our hike, we headed out to Regina Beach to visit our surrogate “grandma”, Jean. We took her out to lunch and enjoyed a visit before heading back into town for the evening. It was a fabulous way to spend Thanksgiving Monday!


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