A Knock-Out Nine year old!

As hard as I fought and cried and pulled out my hair to make time stand still, my little BB has turned another year older. I have often referred to her as a ray of sunshine in our family, and she still is that – but she is much more. In celebration of my BB turning 9, here are 9 things I love about this little monkey of mine!

1. Your smile. Your smile stretches across your face so big, I wonder that your cheeks don’t burst from the pressure. You smile with your entire body, it seems. I love that about you, and I hope you are never ashamed to smile with your whole being – ever.



2. Your Enthusiasm. You are enthusiastic and excited about life in general. Sometimes you can barely sit still because of excitement. When you get into expressing an idea or thought that excites you, you start talking louder and faster and your expressions are so animated. It’s contagious! Always be this enthusiastic about life.

3. Your wit. You fit right in with our family with your quick with that keeps us in stitches. You are great at finding the humor around you.

4. Your laugh. Can I just say that I would love to bottle your laugh and sell it at a premium? It is the cutest, most giggly laugh ever. Awesome.

5. You are one smart cookie. Always have been. You love school and love to learn. You almost can’t finish an assignment fast enough so you can get on to the next one. Never lose your love of learning!

6. Your compassion. I remember your first grade teacher telling me, tears welling up in her eyes, how you would (without being asked) help a fellow classmate who had learning disabilities every day in school. She was amazed by it, but I wasn’t at all surprised. I knew this about you for years. You seem to have a deep empathy for other’s feelings and you often feel it so strongly it can prompt you to tears. You are deeply compassionate and I love that about you.

7. Your stubbornness. Yes. You are stubborn. Yes, you are. When you have an idea in your head, and are convinced it is right, you will not back down. And, yes, I love this about you. You are tenacious. This, combined with #6 and #5 can bring you to great places. Don’t be afraid to stand for what is right – just use your smarts and your compassion to help you know that it IS right, along with guidance from the Holy Ghost, and you won’t go wrong.

8. Your physical activity. You have loved to be active from early on. One can usually find you in the yard, climbing a tree, doing the splits, perfecting your hand stand, or teaching yourself to do a back bend. You love to move and find a lot of joy in it. I wish I had this trait that I admire so much in you.

9. Your curiosity. You are very concerned with the “why” of life and ask a lot of questions. Even when I get exasperated with your questions, I do love this part of you. This, added with your stubbornness, makes for some interesting moments between us. You often like to argue because you want to know WHY. I get that. I was the same. Asking why isn’t a bad thing. It helps you with your love of learning!

BB there are SO MANY reasons you are my favorite 9 year old in the entire world. I hope you feel how much you are loved, and how special and important you are. We love you to the moon and back. Happy 9th birthday, my BB!


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